Thursday, March 03, 2016

First Thursday in March

 Sunrise this morning before the rain and cloudy day began. Today is my friend Peaches's Burpday. She is a wonderful artist and a delightful friend. Hope you have many more girlfriend. 
 This was the sunset on Leap Day 2-29-2016.  It was a beautiful day with sun shine. What a wonderful gift from God on this extra day we were given.  Then came Super Tuesday, Election day.
The bottom fell out of the clouds and it rained and rained and then rained some more. Just as I was heading out to vote it began a gully washer or frog strangler, I had my hand of the doorknob to leave but turned around and put on Prince's western rain coat and hat. I already had on my LL Bean rain boots so I was good to go. I LOVE walking in the rain especially if I am completely prepared for it. Everyone was making a mad dash as I strolled into the voting place. Of course lots of folks gave me the "LOOK" but I smiled to myself and  thought "I am completely dry and you Idiots are wet". It took me five minutes to get to the polling place and park and an HOUR to vote. Who would have thought at that time of day and in the rain there would be such a long, long, long line. Note to self ALWAYS EARLY VOTE. This was the first time I had NOT early voted in a long time and now I remember why I  early vote. Needless to say my guy did not win but I gave him at least one more vote than he would have had. 
Just like these steps at Gray's Pharmacy in Franklin, life can be an uphill climb at times. Just take it one step at a time and you will reach the top and those steps just like life's upheaval will become  a distance  memory. My dear Mother always said "Let us find the Blessing in today." She was a wise, kind and compassionate woman who endured more than I can fathom but her attitude was wonderful and worth emulating. 
The Kitty Justice is to remember WHAT Mother would do.


La Petite Gallery said...

I am voting Sunday and hope it doesn't snow.
I am 80 next month and have never in my life seen such uncouth men
run for the highest office in the Nation. Gentlemen is a lost word.
I thought Rubio was, but he dropped to the Trump level. It is a 3 ring circus.
This is the year everyone should vote. So glad Spring is not far away.
Have tons of yard work. Be well and safe. yvonne

Changes in the wind said...

Your Mother was a wise woman:) Glad I don't have to climb those stairs....

Lady Di Tn said...

I thought Ben Carson the best choice but he was no longer in the running. I really do not understand the American public and really do not understand the Democrats. Have they forgot Whitewater and all the lives lost by supposed accidents and the lying about being shot out as she landed in Bosnia and her Emails. Also she might have been the one to kill the men of Bengazi (ms) as she knew their whereabouts and the places were put out on unsecure e mails. And then Bernie is a Socialist and if you believe the definition that is NOT what America is about. His health care in Vermont has increased peoples taxes and put the state almost 3 billion in debt and they asked the Feds to bail them out. Can you imagine the debt we would be in if he can do that to a tiny state of Vermont. I am still waiting for someone to come out of the woodwork we all can support. That said I would rather have Ugly vulgar Trump than either Hillary or Bernie. Peace

She was very wise and I was fortunate to have such a wonderful role model to try to emulate. LOL I almost told Prince when I saw those stairs that I wanted to eat elsewhere. Peace

DUTA said...

You seem to take elections seriously. I've become indifferent about our elections. I perceive them as just a big circus with second hand players, funded by the tax payer.

Regarding the elections in America, I'm appalled by the republican party's turning against its own member and its only chance to win the elections. Stupidity at its highest.
Being jewish I take some interest in Bernie Sanders. They say 80% of America's jews have voted in the past for Obama and the Democratic party (stupidity at its highest); now Sanders will not get even 1% of the blacks' votes. It'll serve him and them right.
And it's not his socialism; he doesn't even know the meaning of it.

Lady Di Tn said...

This election even though it is a Circus on both sides is very important to Americans because the next President can either put a liberal or conservative on our Supreme Court. Ole Big Ears will try to push through a his nominee just like he push the awful health care that is ruining the health care system. If you cannot prove you have health insurance each year at tax time, you are fined a higher tax each year. The Government seems to know better than the people as to how we should live. Our Freedoms are getting less and less unless you are in a special interest group. Instead of Majority rule it is minority rule. We the people in my county voted into law a bill which was overturned by the few people in office. They said we the people did not understand the bill. I guess the people are considered Stupid to them. Peace