Friday, March 04, 2016

On the Bed

Each morning I leave a place in between my pillows for the animal family. The Big Bear is the newest addition and I found him on a seventy per cent off shelf at Walgreens. I know I did not NEED him but I wanted him and his sweet face cheers me to know end. I know I have wasted more than a dollar on other things and with his mark down he was only 99 cents. 
He did not come with a name and as of yet, I have not figured out the name that suits him best. 
The Kitty Justice is I will let you know as soon as it comes to me. 
BTW Do y'all have stuffed animals on your bed?


Changes in the wind said...

No stuffed animals on my bed:)

Lady Di Tn said...

Maybe not on the bed but do you not have some toy loving setting around? peace

Lee said...

I have my animal farm on my sofa. A giant rabbit I won in an Easter large white and black tiger and two smaller ones, four bears of various sizes and descriptions, a penguin and the dog from the Footrot Flat cartoon that you probably didn't get in the States...but he's great! :)

Adullamite said...

They need a separate bed!

La Petite Gallery said...

Oh yes and dog bones and chewies. My Bennie see's the nice pile and throws them all off the bed. Then he gets under the bedspread, jumps on the pillows and starts collecting all the toys back on the bed. He is so much fun. yvonne

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad to hear the babies have a place in your house. Lilly only exams mine when I am making the bed, otherwise she leaves them alone. No I have never heard of Footrot Flat. Peace

Mr A Man
Haha they sleep in a chair at night but decorate my bed during the day. Peace

dogs and cats are so much fun to watch. I am glad you Have Bennie in your life. Peace