Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Blooms in our yard

Everything is White, Pink and Purple that is in bloom here except the Yellow Arch Angel. The Iris have buds and it seems Green is the main theme. It is amazing how quick Tennessee gets Green.
The Kitty Justice is you have seen Cheekwood now here is The Hill.


Changes in the wind said...

Well, the hill is not too shabby:) Lots of blooms makes for a happy place.

Small City Scenes said...

And we love 'The Hill'. Beautiful blooms. Our Lilacs are filling the yard with fragrance--mmmm. Fruit trees going full bore. I love Spring. Pink Dogwood is just coloring up. Pictures soon.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and Peace

Thanks and our Lilacs are just by the drive so I usually go stand near them when Maggie takes her walks outside. Our pears and cherries have bloomed and now the apple trees are gorgeous. Looking forward to your blooms. Peace

Adullamite said...

Super stuff to see!

DUTA said...

What a delight to the eyes! The colors and shapes are spectacular.

La Petite Gallery said...

Can't wait for more spring, it is floppin back and forth. Today it's damp and 60.
I need to weed the flower beds. My Dog is such company.
I just can't get that darn deleted post of my sidebar.
I am still here alive I think and frustrated with that side Bar.


La Petite Gallery said...

I am longing for spring, we had a week at 60 degrees like 68
now we have snow and 28 at night and 40 today with Thank God Sun.
Can't wait for some life. I love your dog Maggie. yvonne

Lady Di Tn said...

Mr A
Thanks and Peace

I agree and just love walking surrounded by such wonderful colors. Peace

We too have had our share of cool days but with Spring being here, I know it will not be long before I may wish for a cool day especially when we get the Tn. humidity, Sorry I wish I could help with the sidebar thingy but I am rather inept when it comes to correcting errors. Case in point I was working of photos taken at Mimi's 3rd birthday party and now I cannot locate some of the better photos. I think the computer ate them. Maggie is the best dog I have ever had and she understands every word you say to her. If not she cocks her head sideways to indicate, say it again please. Peace