Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

 The Middle Tennessee Veteran Cemetery on McCrory Lane was previously an old dairy farm and the rock building was the barn on the old farm. 
 My blog friend Duta did a post once about it being a Jewish tradition to leave a rock on the grave you visited. I found that most interesting so I left one for Walley Coyote (my affectionate name for Walter) His wife was called Monk by all and I know not why. Both were delightful to be around . RIP

 The large flag was silent to mark the occasion. 

 These photos were taken from left to right and there are many graves for those who served our country to keep the freedoms that we have. Do not take these in vain. 
People were gathering for a service for those who had died this year. At 11 AM all the names of those who died this year were read and a bell rang after each name. The worker who directed us to park advised that another service for the Flag  would be held at 3 PM. We encountered several people putting flowers on graves or taking photos. If you have not gone to a Veteran Cemetery then it is something you should put on your to do list. The Kitty Justice is to bend your head in prayer and thank God for Vets.  


DUTA said...

I'm very flattered you have remembered my post.

The little stone we leave on the tomb, means: We've been here, we haven't forgotten you, we miss you. And to the others it says: this tomb (this deceased) has had visitors who still remember and honor him/her with their presence.
The stone is natural, it doesn't stain the marble, and is a symbol of eternity.

May all those veterans in the cemetery rest in peace! People should indeed remember the sacrifices, visit their graves and pray for their souls.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for giving me the meaning again. I always remember and learn from your post. Peace

Changes in the wind said...

A wonderful post and thank you Duta for explaining the stone.

La Petite Gallery said...

Put out my bird feeders, 6 and 2 humming bird feeders 2 days ago.
All gone, I am exhausted just feeding the damn birds.
I have my flag out and put a stone
on my husbands tombstone. June is bursting out all over Maine.
Here come the tourists, and "LobsterFest".