Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Again

Where have I been
Because it is Sunday again.
Maybe like my kitty
 I am Taking it easy and giddy. 
The sun comes up with a smile on it's face 
 It goes to sleep at it's usual pace.
Days go by like a spinning top
whatever it takes you do not stop.
You cook, clean and do mundane things
But love the normal life's dings. 
By the time I water all my plants
I feel I have been on a five hour dance. 
You converse on the phone
with friends and family not to be alone.
Then again time marches on.
The prose may not be so great but this is the Kitty Justice to date. 

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Tennessee Green

 First of all Happy June to everyone out there in blogland. The Downey and Red Bellied Woodpeckers were destroying my hummingbird feeders so I replaced two of them with glass and the hanging hook is very sturdy. I looked inside each feeder at Ace Hardware to see if it could easily be cleaned and these were the winners but as of yet the birds have not accepted them. I have two plastic feeders that survived and the birds are converging of those. I have been told to take those two down and put these two in their place and they will accept them. Any of you believe this? We having a big red wasp convention on the hill so I got the bottles below to see if they could be attracted and become their Death Trap. 

Above photo shows down the drive and below shows the front of the house. 

 Above the Box wood bushes in front of the big windows and I have lots of Lambs Ear, Lilies of different varitiy and in the open space purple heart. First time I saw purple heart as an outside plant was in Austin TX in the late eighties. I have yet to find out what the green ground cover is called but my Mother had it hanging off the rock wall behind her house and thus I call it Mother's Ground Cover. The two photos below are a close up of the Stella Lily and Mother's Ground Cover.. 

 The Japanese Maple is the only color in the trees at this time. The winter was not kind to my Creeping Jenny ground cover by the old seeder. Prince stays busy this time of year just keeping the mowing done. The white barn is covered with vines and scrub trees that need cutting and the Massey is in the shop so Prince cannot bush hog at present. The Johnson's who own most of our old farm came and did the bush hogging around the barn just lately. Nice to have such GOOD neighbors. 
With the Tennessee Green comes the pollen but therefore we take our allergy meds and go on about our way. 
BTW I have given up my Go Daddy account as I was spending too much with no returns. I may start putting more art work on this site and I have even thought about an Etsey account. 
As my thoughts go in many directions, I wonder how many of you get a message from Google telling you that you might be interested in these sites. I delete the E- mail and go about my business. 
The Kitty Justice is I truly enjoy Tennessee Green. (Pollen, bugs and all) Prince found a Copperhead Snake skin this weekend out front when he was mowing. At least it was a skin and not the snake.