Friday, July 29, 2016


This months Art Ventures luncheon was held at The Homestead in Thompson Station. From left to right is Huffy, Mz La, Andy, Winnie, Cat, Peaches,Mz. Hen, Shirley, Kitty Justice, Little and Jingles. We had a fun time and the chicken salad sandwiche was the best I have had at a restaurant in a long time. However, the fire roasted harvest veggies were allowed to get too large. The seeds were huge. I always used squash that had gotten that size in  my garden to make pickles. You core the squash to take out all the seeds and either chop or shred the flesh and peeling. Apparently someone forgot to tell them this small item. I love squash but this was not good . The photo below was the wall behind Huffy, Mz La and Andy.

 This photo and the next were taken on the right side of the room. Yes, I went and looked in the lockers and nothing was in them. 
 There was a long tall window on the right of the mantle so the light interfered with the photo but you get the jest. 
 This photo and Next two were taken in the front hall way . The picture frames had objects in them instead of photo except the one over the couch. 

 If you enlarge this photo of the frame over the couch, you will see the small photos are animals dressed up in human outfits.  I loved the carriage out front and would have paid for a ride if they had been giving them. The carriage seemed more in tune with the area the home was built instead of the decorations inside. 

 Mz Purple was not at the luncheon because she had to go with hubby to the doctor. Knee problems for him. At last weeks art class I brought her a Birthday cake as her birthday was coming up on the weekend. Of course it had to be purple since her favorite color is purple. 
 I have several plants that are under the eves so I have to water even if we have monsoons. That takes awhile to get done. Whew and when it is HOT as it has been of late, I have a tendency to wilt if this Kitty stays outside too long. My walk on cat, Cinnamon was gone a week and a day courting I presume. 
 Every chance I get I try to paint. The well house in the snow and the little 8x10 of the small Church are finished and I am working on the larger one. I have also been trying to put some finished paintings in frames. Almost daily a thunder shower appears. We have lost two really good artist this month. First Robert (Bobby) Vantrese and Betty Lee. In the 1970, Bobby was the first artist I met in Nashville at a drawing class at Watkins. Betty Lee and I were hostess together when I first join Art Ventures. Please  look closer at the sky and you will see it is more colorful now that these two are helping to paint the sunrises and sunsets. I am so sick of politics that I have buried myself in reading two books lately. Also, watched the Tour De France, just love listening to the commentators and learning new phrases such as "finishing line", road is tilting up, etc. Also, the scenery is fantastic. I also was much pleased with the very last episode of Hell on Wheels. The Kitty Justice is to stay COOL.


Changes in the wind said...

Nice post. Glad you are out and about and doing lots of painting too:)

Adullamite said...

What a varity of pictures.
Glad you had a good time, though I notice you hid the wine bottles when the photo was taken!!
Interesting building.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and painting is me therapy. Peace

Mr. A
Your humor slays me. In the South we have Tea at luncheons most of the time. Wink Wink.
Glad you enjoyed the photos. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Looks you all had a good time. Sad that some have to go to the large art class up above but as you say the Sunsets and rises will be more brilliant from now on. This getting old business is for the birds I'm telling you.

Lady Di Tn said...

I now truly understand that Getting old is NOT for sissy. Both artist who have left with their paintbrush had wonderful lives and left us with beautiful artwork to enjoy. We ladies have a grand time when we get together. Peace

La Petite Gallery said...

This looks like a fun Lunch. We have a place here that makes the best chicken salad.
Celery, mayo and almonds. Your paintings are good. Been so hot in Maine now rain.

La Petite Gallery said...

I would love to ride in that carriage.
Having friends and Family together is the best of times.

Lady Di Tn said...

I too am looking forward to cooler weather. Seems like this summer was a HOT one for us too. I know we set a few new record highs. That was the best chicken salad I have had without me fixing it myself. Come down and we will borrow a horse and hook the carriage up for a stroll. I think they probably use it for weddings. Peace