Sunday, October 30, 2016

It may be Fall but---

 This is our next door neighbors Maple tree. Half of the leaves had fallen thus I took the pretty ones that had not fallen. 
 Golden Hickory at the bottom of the drive. Just took a couple of days for them to turn brown. 
 Looking down the driveway from the curve at the top. Note you cannot see the bottom of the drive. 
 Beech leave. We have 3 big trees on the left of the driveway going down the hill. 
 Old road going down to the white barn and pond. Prince has been busy with his saw blade on the weed eater to clear the sides of the road. 
 Prince has begun the power line clearing. Nashville Electric Service SHOULD do the clearing but they look at the hill and just shake their heads. 
 A closer view of his progress. Only about one third of the clearing has he gotten done. If something happens NES should thank us so their guys will not have to go through a jungle of trees and vines. The following is the Kitty Justice for the tree trimmer NES hired to clear the lines. 


Jackie said...

What beauuuuuuutiful photos!
We missed the foliage in North Carolina this year. We were unable to travel back up during the peak time for the fall leaves.
I'm thankful for your photos. Splendid. Absolutely splendid....

Changes in the wind said...

So pretty but it does create a lot of work.

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos. Our Fall so far does not have the really brilliant colors of past years. They are muted colors this year because most of the leaves fall before they turn due to lack of rain. I know you enjoy NC and I am sorry to hear you did not get up there during the peak time. Hope all is well with your family. Peace

As I was coming up the drive this morning I was aware of all the leaves on the ground with many more to fall. Thanks and Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Ha ha ha love the comment you put. Fall is definitely here.
I looked up the Walnut Trace Farms---nice.

Lee said...

Yeah! I can relate with the minion's thought! I'll be finding myself in that situation next Monday!!!!

But I'll keep in mind your lovely photos, keep taking deep breaths and I'll get through it....I think! :)

Adullamite said...

Lovely to look at but I want Spring!

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you checked out our old farm which looks great with all the improvements the Johnsons have made. We still have the windows open because it will be eighty again today then the cool weather is to appear tomorrow. Whew, it looks like fall but feels like summer. Too Hot in Tennessee. Peace

I find the minion's often have a saying to match my feelings. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Peace

Mr A
Spring means Summer so I will wish that fall temps get here quickly as I am so tired of glistening. Peace