Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wondering Mind Post

 Prince gave me a new coffee cup to celebrate my progress with the outside cat, Cinnamon. I really have to watch where I walk outside because he has discovered he likes the Kitty Justice touch. I do believe I have petted him more than my illusive Lilly kitty. 
 Last week I took a photo of the beautiful sunrises we have been having. Seems as if photos and post have been neglected as the sands of time filter through the days of my life. Hehe I paraphrased a Soap Opera introduction. I have seen the intro but not the show. 
 See how green Tennessee was last week. A little fall color is visible if you take a closer look. Yesterday we tied a record high and today we are suppose to set a record. Where is the FALL weather. With rain and cooler temperature it should appear Thursday this week. I have used the pleasant weather to clean, prune and drag inside all the house plants. I have a mere 50 now to contend with. I have too much of my Mother and Grandpa in me to throw plants away and I have found that it gets harder to give plants away because no one wants the work. 
 Did any of y'all see the Vanderbilt-Georgia game at Georgia last weekend? Vandy won in Georgia by ONE point. My MIL who is a Vandy graduate of the forties really enjoyed the game. I have friends who are Georgia fans whom I am sure were heart broken. Bad enough to get beaten by Vandy but on your home field. OOPS the head coach may have to find another job. 
 This is the season for anything Pumpkin and I have been enjoying everything I can find that is Pumpkin to eat. Yummy. 
 This is an October 2015 photo but as you can tell we usually have wonderful photo opts at this time of year. Once upon a time I had planned to take a photo each morning from the hill but with life's obligations my idea got put aside for another time. 
Prince took this photo during Heart month as all the buildings were aglow in red. Nashville being the "IT" city the skyline is changing monthly. The powers that be like our growth but with all the extra folks we need to worry about traffic and services (firefighter, police, aging infrastructure and schools) The Kitty Justice is that a true native of Nashville or Tennessee is quite rare these days. 


La Petite Gallery said...

Well I don't have a kitty, but my Mr. Benny has changed my life for the better. I talk to him and it's almost like he knows what I am saying. He is so loveable. We take a drive everyday and see the wonderful colors in the trees and blue sky. Great time of year. yvonne

Small City Scenes said...

I like your wandering mind---LOL---mine wanders a lot nowadays. We have been visiting my daughter on the ranch in Eastern Washington for the past week. Home now and have a zillion things to do.
Yes you may use/have the image of the Wildwood Chapel. Enjoy

Changes in the wind said...

Love that coffee cup:) You have such a pretty view any time of the year.
It is true, having live plants is pretty much a lost art because of the time required to care for them but if you do it is sure rewarding.

Lady Di Tn said...

I never had a kitty until Moe adopted me. Now Cinnamon has adopted me. We have one tabby in the cabin with Puppy, my son, 2 inside the house and one Lab, Maggie. Quite a bunch to care for but I love the little fur babies. I am so happy Benny is with you. Animals give us a lot of pleasure. Your fall colors are grand. Peace

Thank you. I do not take photos without asking as I feel I need permission. Just me. My mind is forever trapped in wanderlust. lol Hope y'all had a good time at the ranch. MOO Peace

Thanks. We are fortunate that back before WWII my FIL bought this hill. My MIL said when they first moved out on the hill the only light they could see would be the train coming through the valley. She has seen all the lights come to be in her 97 years. I have a love affair with plants and I always take cutting from the plants I prune. My Mother always had cuttings in her kitchen window and so do I. Peace

Lee said...

I keep reminding myself I must charge my camera's battery...and then I forget! Now you've just reminded me again! :)

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

May we display your header on our new site directory? As it is now, the site title (linked back to your home page) is listed, and we think displaying the header will attract more attention. In any event, we hope you will come by and see what is going on at SiteHoundSniffs.com.

Lady Di Tn said...

I hope you have completed the task. Now put those photos on KC for us to view. Peace

Since you are friends with my buddy Lee, and I have checked out SiteHoundSniffs.com you can use my header on the site. Peace

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Thank you so very much for giving permission. Aside from the All category and the slideshow on the Home page, you can see your header under Pets, Travel and the United States.