Sunday, November 06, 2016

First Sunday in November 2016

 Less than three weeks until Turkey day. Glad I do not have to kill and fix this old male bird. I most often just cook a turkey breast as the other parts of the turkey are not the favorite of the Hill Clan. 
 Well after this coming week the election will be over and I hope America has not hitched itself to the wrong wagon. If so, just as the path is rocky in the photo below, so will be the live of all Americans even if they voted for Change. I cannot wait until ALL the ads are pulled from the airways. This election season was way way way way tooooooo long. If we need election laws, the first one should be you can only take ONE year to run for a major office and only three months for state and local offices. 

My favorite photo of my Pa. This was my Mother's father and he was the FIRST MAN I EVER LOVED. At PT last week, I learn  Mr. Paint, my therapist had lost his Grandfather and it was the first close family member he had lost. Anyway, I told him about Monica's post and I may have paraphrased "Those of us Alive, are only Whispers in the Wind." Then I began to entertain him with wonderful memories of my Grandfather who was the first close family member I had lost. I do believe he enjoyed the stories but liked the one about my imagination as he laughed at my antics. Here goes the story and I may have told all of you before but it was when  I was small not even school age. My Grandmother who was very much OCD kept me while my mother worked in a shirt factory in Carthage. I did not care for dolls because they DID NOTHING BACK IN MY DAY so I played with all the little animals outside. To my Grandmother's horror, I was catching frogs and toads to play with on a daily basics. To discourage me from this kind of play she told me that if they peed on me I would get ugly warts. Not to give up my fun, I decided to put diapers on the frogs. When Grandmother was not looking I lifted some of her quilt pieces and a few straight pins. Thus I did not have to worry about warts but I now feel for those frogs who suffered my diapering because I am sure I poked them with the pins I used. Ouch. 
The Kitty Justice is the first close family member you loose to the wind will become the best memories of the past. 

Thursday, November 03, 2016

A little OCD today

 Here are a couple of my new hats. I wore the black one at our last Art Ventures luncheon. However, the weather is still too warm for hats unless they are straw. I just cannot do straw hats after Labor Day nor wear white shoes or pants. I guess it is a true Southern thing. 
 Prince was told by his mother that I was decorating for fall so he came home with these adorable little turkeys for me. Prince is always surprising me with little gifts of love. I would rather have his surprises than to get a big item at any time. 
 I had misplaced my original copy of Mary Beth's photo(see photo above)  that she let me have to paint but now I have found it in to  reprint it so I might finish the large canvas I started . I had my small 8x10 painting of this subject displayed in the living room and was enjoying it before I give it away at Christmas BUT had to go buy another frame after the cleaner were here. I dusted this place for over 25 years and never in those years did I incur as much breakage as when they show up. I guess I need to start looking for someone else to clean if this breakage continues. I will make some photos of the paintings for y'all after I finish and put them on the blog. Thus comes the sad news, for almost 3 weeks I have been unable to paint as  my back was not up to par. I have given my therapist the nickname, Mr. Paint since his real name gives you the image of lots of different colors. I think it is poetic timing for an Artist to have a therapist whose name reminds you of lots of paint.  Anyway, I have been  going to PT to try and get the ole arm back to painting mode. The background story is I suffered for 3 days without pain pills, then I remembered I had some for arthritis   pain the  doctor had prescribe back in the Spring. I tried them for almost 2 weeks as I feared it was NERVE. After finally taking in my doctor's shingle, I went to the real doctor and he sent me on my way to the therapist advising it was a pulled muscle. Well I am off to do my exercises and y'all wish me luck because I cannot recharge my batteries without painting.