Monday, January 30, 2017


 I CANNOT BEAR ANY MORE OF THESE EDUCATED IDIOTS PROTEST. THE PROTEST ARE AFTER THE FACT. The President has done nothing but uphold his campaign promises . The basket of deplorable and the uneducated white people would not act in such manner. I was mending a pillow case and several thoughts came to mind. 
1. Does anyone mend anymore or do they just throw it away and buy new?
2. Do protesters know how to mend our country or do they just want what they want no matter what it cost (time, money or division)?
 Why cannot we wait an see ? My Maggie is better at wait an see than some people!!! 401K s are better off now. Do the protester not like that fact? A black woman was holding a sign at the airport after our(YES WE HAVE ONLY ONE AND HE IS OURS) President signed the ban for 90 days not forever on immigration that read "BLACKS ARE NEXT". I will let you drawn your on idea of what she was saying?. I have come to the conclusion that NO MATTER what President Trumps does he will be criticized by the liberal media and liberal people who are whining because they did not get there way. If the leaders of that so called party wanted to mend our country and make it great they would discourage the protesters. As for the Women Protest, I was so embarrass by the people who spoke using such vulgar language and display. Maybe we that do not agree with their nastiness should refrain from going to movies and buying any of their music. Apparently, the women who spoke up have NO class or morals. Or if they were there they condone such behavior.  In other words it could have been done better. If the women who marched for women to vote had acted in that way, we still would not be voting. As I was watching I could not help but think, I wonder how those ladies would feel about the crude protest. I really think they would have been appall.
 Now on a happier note, Cousin Bill who is in Prince's generation has been very fateful in visiting his Aunt. Mimi at 97 does not get out often and his visits are a wonderful treat for her and us. 
This is the house where Mimi was born. It was bought by the Comers and because of the thick walls was torn down and a new house was built. Now the house is the Sumner County Convention and Visitors Bureau. The Historic Manager and Executive Director came to visit and secure any information from the only living person who had lived there. MT grandfather Thomas B Wilson Sr bought the farm after the Civil War. It is known as the Wilson Farm.   Both of us enjoyed their visit but it crossed over Mimi lunch and nap time. If they come back it must be earlier. 

Also the two daughters of Mimi's dear friend came for a visit and she could talk about old times with them. They also brighten our day. 

The Kitty Justice is more family and friends should show up or at least give her a call. They might miss their chance if they wait too long. Can you hear them "I SHOULD HAVE......"

Thursday, January 05, 2017

2017 five days ole

 The Teeny Tys were in my stocking Christmas morning. I have move them from the mantle to a box on top of my computer. So now I get to spend time with them as I peck away on the keyboard and they along with George Washington and Robert E Lee get to watch me work and play. 
 These two photos were taken January first. We were subject to two days of fog but did not get some sun until yesterday. The clouds have returned today and we have been promised snow from noon  until midnight. We are along the edge of the system so we will get a dusting which scares many Southern. The South does not have the snow equipment that other areas have so driving can be rather upset to EVERYONE no matter where they are from. 
The Kitty Justice is to stay home and warm. 
GRRRRR I have had issue with the computer connections and have not bee HAPPY.