Thursday, January 05, 2017

2017 five days ole

 The Teeny Tys were in my stocking Christmas morning. I have move them from the mantle to a box on top of my computer. So now I get to spend time with them as I peck away on the keyboard and they along with George Washington and Robert E Lee get to watch me work and play. 
 These two photos were taken January first. We were subject to two days of fog but did not get some sun until yesterday. The clouds have returned today and we have been promised snow from noon  until midnight. We are along the edge of the system so we will get a dusting which scares many Southern. The South does not have the snow equipment that other areas have so driving can be rather upset to EVERYONE no matter where they are from. 
The Kitty Justice is to stay home and warm. 
GRRRRR I have had issue with the computer connections and have not bee HAPPY.


Lee said...

It's showering off and on here tonight...and over the last couple of nights, actually. Very welcome because it's cooled things down a bit.

I empathise re your computer issues...I've no patience when things don't do as they're supposed to do! :)

Stay warm and I'll stay cool while you stay cool while keeping warm!

Changes in the wind said...

I indeed would be staying home:)

Lady Di Tn said...

Still working on computer issues. Prince has started using the elimination process. I have limited my going outside today Sunday by only opening the door for Maggie to go out. It was warmer by 2 degrees this morning a whopping 9 degrees. Rain is headed our way along with warmer temps. The weather people say we will be in the sixties by Wed. Keep cool.Peace

Wise woman you are. Peace

DUTA said...

Lovely tinies!!
My desk computer is seven years old; that's not old if you do things by book such as cleaning regularly the fans. I'm too lazy for that, so now every four months it doesn't start. The solution is to open the case and clean the fans, which I unwillingly do.
Our weather is also cold and rainy, so, as far as possible, we better keep ourselves warm indoors.

Lady Di Tn said...

Oh my if I opened the case, first I would need help and then a herd of dust bunnies might hop out. I do use canned air to blow out the dust in the open areas in the back but I bet there are plenty of hidden bunnies. I will see if Puppy will help me. He is currently in a software boot camp and is about half way through. Prince has so much to do I really do not wish to add something else. With it being hard wire directly and not using wireless it has worked every time I have used it. He has googled the problem and Windows 10 shuts off wireless and they give you steps to fix it. Bad ole W 10. Peace