Monday, January 30, 2017


 I CANNOT BEAR ANY MORE OF THESE EDUCATED IDIOTS PROTEST. THE PROTEST ARE AFTER THE FACT. The President has done nothing but uphold his campaign promises . The basket of deplorable and the uneducated white people would not act in such manner. I was mending a pillow case and several thoughts came to mind. 
1. Does anyone mend anymore or do they just throw it away and buy new?
2. Do protesters know how to mend our country or do they just want what they want no matter what it cost (time, money or division)?
 Why cannot we wait an see ? My Maggie is better at wait an see than some people!!! 401K s are better off now. Do the protester not like that fact? A black woman was holding a sign at the airport after our(YES WE HAVE ONLY ONE AND HE IS OURS) President signed the ban for 90 days not forever on immigration that read "BLACKS ARE NEXT". I will let you drawn your on idea of what she was saying?. I have come to the conclusion that NO MATTER what President Trumps does he will be criticized by the liberal media and liberal people who are whining because they did not get there way. If the leaders of that so called party wanted to mend our country and make it great they would discourage the protesters. As for the Women Protest, I was so embarrass by the people who spoke using such vulgar language and display. Maybe we that do not agree with their nastiness should refrain from going to movies and buying any of their music. Apparently, the women who spoke up have NO class or morals. Or if they were there they condone such behavior.  In other words it could have been done better. If the women who marched for women to vote had acted in that way, we still would not be voting. As I was watching I could not help but think, I wonder how those ladies would feel about the crude protest. I really think they would have been appall.
 Now on a happier note, Cousin Bill who is in Prince's generation has been very fateful in visiting his Aunt. Mimi at 97 does not get out often and his visits are a wonderful treat for her and us. 
This is the house where Mimi was born. It was bought by the Comers and because of the thick walls was torn down and a new house was built. Now the house is the Sumner County Convention and Visitors Bureau. The Historic Manager and Executive Director came to visit and secure any information from the only living person who had lived there. MT grandfather Thomas B Wilson Sr bought the farm after the Civil War. It is known as the Wilson Farm.   Both of us enjoyed their visit but it crossed over Mimi lunch and nap time. If they come back it must be earlier. 

Also the two daughters of Mimi's dear friend came for a visit and she could talk about old times with them. They also brighten our day. 

The Kitty Justice is more family and friends should show up or at least give her a call. They might miss their chance if they wait too long. Can you hear them "I SHOULD HAVE......"


Lee said...

I'm with you, Miss Kitty.

I'm sick of all the poor losers protesting, too. And, I'm sick of all the "celebrities" still shouting off their mouths at Awards' Ceremonies. Give it a break, for goodness sake! They're the ones who are doing all the harm and they're too stupid to realise it. Hypocrites the lot of them.

Changes in the wind said...

I have decided to simply ignore all the protest and just be happy that things are getting done and you are right they are going to protest every single thing President Trump does.
Wow that is a lot of history!

Adullamite said...

Trump must go!!!!

Lady Di Tn said...

As usual your comment is spot on. The protest for the supreme court pick was planned before the announcement was made. One lady said it was planned because they did not like any of his picks. As is often said You cannot fix stupid. Peace

Thanks this family goes all the way back to the Mayflower in writing. If I sat down and tried to read it all that would be all I was doing. Makes the Dems look like whining idiots who do not wish to work with President Trump. Those that did not show up for the meeting should have their pay docked. If the American people did not show up for work, our pay would be docked and we the people are paying their salaries and they are suppose to work with one another to get things done. They have time to go out and speak at the protests but not time to work. Peace

Mr. A
Sorry you feel that way but he has done what he promised in his speeches before he was elected. Hillary was suppose to be locked up and further investigated but he was gracious did not pursue that and I feel that was a broken promise which was not so bad. I do believe if the roles were reversed she would not have been so kind. All the current protest show is how many Idiots we have in our country and I think it is kind to call them ignorant and with no manners. Whether you like a President or not, you should do what is best for the country and that is come together and work with one another. I did not like Obama but I did not act like a uninformed protester. Off my soapbox now. Peace

DUTA said...

As a non-american, I'm simply shocked and frustrated. The elections are over, there's a winner, Donald Trump, and he has to be accepted as president by the whole nation. That's the meaning of democracy. America has waged wars in all kind of places "to install Democracy" and now at her place she's making a mockery out of Democracy.
What are all these shameless protests about? They've decided not to let him work.

He's tough but the trouble is the republicans didn'd back him up during the campaign and even now are sitting on the fence "enjoying the view".You know the saying: protect me from my friends, from my enemies I can protect myself alone.

The commenter on your post that said Trump has to go - let me remind him that the majority of millions voted for Trump, so how dare he demand that? What a chutzpa!!

I'll sadly say this: America has irreparably been damaged by a disgusting liberalism, and there's no way Trump or anyone else "can make America great again". And yes, Meryl Streep is too much overrated. overrated - great word!

La Petite Gallery said...

Thanks for comment. IT IS GLOBAL WARMING. Huge iceberg breaking off, now the Dam is over flowing in Calif. I myself am hysterical, have about 3-4 ft of snow on roof. Can't find anyone that wants to make 20 bucks an hour to rake a few feet off edges of roof. NOPE they have welfare. I myself have never asked for help. Just got 2nd job. They have no shame. People think they deserve to be taken care of. Enough. I wonder if there will be Muslim schools?
Who will teach them ENGLISH. Thank GOD for the soap box. As far as the new President
I have my fingers crossed, on every tweet! May he get his ducks in a row, and keep
his mind on USA, not clothing stores. Stay safe and warm and a happy Camper. yvonne

Lady Di Tn said...

The Democrats in office are stirring the pot and the protesters are like sheep headed mindlessly into the pen that has been build for them. The Republicans are not helping either because Trump beat the Rebublican politicians. Trump is neither a Democrat or Republican but a Pragmatist. Also, the news media are dogging him especially on immigration and all the countries singled out were also singled out by Obama and they are the states where terror is prominent and it was not a permanent ban but a temporary ban until a truly good vetting process could be made. Also Judges seem to think they can make the laws instead of upholding the law. I have no idea where we Americans are headed because the left have lost the moral compass and they want what they want no matter how the majority feels. All of them feel entitled and the Bible indicates only those who work Eat. Also the one who said Trump has to go lives in England and is a Scott. I guess ole Kitty Justice is gonna have to protest the protesters. Peace be with you.

Mary said...

I do hear them, Dianne. Sometimes waiting an hour makes it too late. I found that out when I was very young and thank goodness I did.