Tuesday, February 06, 2018

More to Come

 Sunday night we had a rare fire downstairs and watched the Super Bowl. It was a really good game and I liked the fact that the underdog team won. I really did not care which one won as long as it was not a run away. One of the local football young man got a Super Bowl ring. Congratulation to Brentwood's Barnett. Unfortunately Mason 69 , a friends grandson on New England's team did not win but he has his ring from last year. It is always fun to see local football boys grown up to be on national football teams. Makes it a little more fun to watch. For a long time this year I did not watch the NFL because of the protest during our national anthem. I do not care if they protest just not when our flag and anthem is on display. 
 Lilly kitty has used her claws on the living room furniture. She does it at night when she cannot be discipline. I refuse to recover as long as she has bad manners so I both a few covers or throws to hid the damage. After this ordeal I will not have another kitty inside. 
The best part of February Nascar will return. Looking forward to the Daytona race even though several racers have retired. I guess the young guns will come forward to entertain. We still have The Shrub (Kyle Bush) and Harvick  but alas I will need to read up on the young racers. 
The Kitty Justice 2018 is looking up in February. I think I will let this month start the year as January was the pits. I have never had such a horrible birthday as I did this year. 


DUTA said...

It looks like you have a wonderful winter fire downstairs!
I'm not a sports fan, except gymnastics on bars and on ice.I like to watch tournaments in these categories. Each to his own, as they say.

Lady Di Tn said...

Growing up in rural TN most men were Nascar fans so I kind of got the bug as a little tyke. I really only watch the races if I have someone to watch with. My wonderful Prince loves to watch them so it makes it more fun for me. The pole qualifying will be on today for the big Daytona 500 next weekend. That is considered the Super Bowl of racing. Peace

Lee said...

I, too, watched the Super Bowl...but no raging fire here....we're experiencing raging heat! Summertime blues!! :)

Changes in the wind said...

So glad to see you posting and sorry that things have been so hard...here is hoping for the better new year!!!

Lady Di Tn said...

Lee we will not have many more fires because today we hit the high seventies and Spring is just around the corner. Yes we will have a few cool snaps but I think Old Man Winter is on his way out. Peace

I am hoping that life will not throw so many things at me this year. Last year with both hands and my main arm (right) out of commission I have never felt so helpless. I plan to be ower to all my favorite blogs and read and read. Peace