Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Sewing Club

From left to right: Lucille, Mary Tom, Dell, Mary and Jane are standing. Harriet is sitting.

In my search for Lindsley information this past weekend, I came across this photo.  When Jane and her sister Patty (not shown) moved to the retirement places, Richland Place, Jane invited her sewing pals over for a lunch. 

The sewing club was started over seventy years ago and at first the ladies sewed baby clothes for their first born and there were several more ladies at that time. Ladies dropped out or were added within those years. Then sewing turned into luncheons at each others home every three weeks. The Club did not have officers but you could say Jane was the one who kept others informed. Most of the ladies had their own special menu and the others looked forward to those luncheons. Jane and  Opie (not shown) continued to bring sewing to be done and occasionally so did Dell. 

Growing up Prince and his brother Ed did not look forward to left overs from their mothers menu. They still joke about it if the sewing club is mentioned. 

As for me I got to help out when the ladies came here and it was fun to be included. Mostly I just listen to the others stories and I thought it was a fun way to spend the afternoon. The dither leading up to the luncheon was one I was not fond of because it involved  extra cleaning and decision made what to fix and when to get it etc etc. 

Some of the ladies children keep in touch now and I am sure they share sewing club stories. 

Please check out the Christmas stocking on the doorway. Jane made some of the children, their spouses also their children a stocking with name and year of birth . We hang ours every Christmas. We often wonder how many of Jane's stockings are hung up each Christmas. 

The Kitty Justice is only one member remains and that is my MIL. 


Betsy Adams said...

Lots of great memories about The Sewing Club..... Isn't it just so much fun to go through old pictures? SO many memories...


Changes in the wind said...

Special memories and the stocking is lovely. Love the new blog look:)

Lady Di Tn said...

I agree those snap shots can release a flood of memories. The digital age is easier but I love old photos and photo books where you can flip pages. Just like reading, I perfer a real book so if it is a page turner I can actually turn the page. Peace

Thanks and the memories I will enjoy a long time, hopefully. Peace

Lee said...

How wonderful...a wonderful group of ladies. I bet there are a lot of great stories. And I bet those ladies were terrific supports to each other throughout the years. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Indeed they were and they had some great stories. Peace

DUTA said...

A sewing club, what a lovely project! A great way to exchange ideas, stories, gifts. Not an easy one, though. A lot of issues involved: gathering members, location, logistics etc.. The picture of the ladies of the sewing club is "worth a thousand words".

Lady Di Tn said...

I thought they were remarkable to stay together all those years. My son came home from the hospital in one of the gowns Mimi made the first year she was in the club, about 1947. I have it put away in the cedar chest in hopes of a grandchild someday coming home in the same outfit. Peace

Haddock said...

Wow..... a club that was started 70 years ago.