Saturday, March 31, 2007


As you climb the entrance to the parkway from
Hwy 96, you enter into an enchanted purple world.

I am a true Tennessean and I have never encountered so many redbuds blooming in one place. I did not feel so short changed when Mimi announced "She had never seen so many redbuds at once." Now this cute little lady is not only a true Tennessean but eighty nine years of age. As we crested the top of the entrance and headed home on the Trace, a breathtaking view came into site . Just a giant clump of trees in full glorious color.

I kept asking Prince to stop here and there, so I could try to capture those wonderous trees on film. It was not hot or cold but like Goldielocks would say "Just right". A gentle breeze touched the bare skin and a melodious sound came from the trees from our tiny feathered friends.

The kitty justice is it was not only Eye but Ear and Touch Candy. A day to remember.

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