Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Just a little background before I start the sermon of the day. I am President of the This N That Trift Shop which gives ALL our profits to St. Lukes Community House. Check it out by going to www.stlukescommunityhouse.org Anyway we are non profit and we have at least 3 board meetings a year. Yeah a Board Meeting. Can you just see Kitty Justice swinging a board around the room and other characters doing the same.

First of all our secretary had the nerve to take off for 2 months to ride her bike along with some other crazy ladies across the country from San Diego to St. Augustine. What an adventure. She sends us little excerts of her travels and she and the other ladies are having a marvelous time. How I wish my back would let me ride a bike. I think it would be more fun for me to be in a chase truck. I begged our previous secretary to take notes for this meeting and she graciously said she would. Alas, when I got to the shop, she had taken her hubby to the emergency room. I scrambed around and asked another lady to take notes if Mz Elly did not arrive. Her hubby was doing better and she came in just before the meeting started. Who says Prayer are not answered?

Mz Corn Dog advises to go to Vegas in order to people watch. NOT. All you have to do is come to a board meeting. I think the world of all our volunteers as they give of their time unselfishly to help others and WITHOUT ANY and I do mean ANY RECOGNITION being made. One of my number one Pet Peeeeves "do volunteer work just to get a picture in the paper, news letter etc" So if you are looking for pictures and fame you best not volunteer at the shop.

It was a small group that met as others were on Spring Break with family. In fear of offending some I cannot describle them now but will do so as soon as my Presidential term is over. Nine more months. Two years is Long enough to be President.

I love a challenge better than eating chocolate so when my idea of publishing a cookbook by the volunteers in time for Christmas was given the 'NEVER CAN BE DONE', I started plotting on ways to get it done. Mz. Elly innocently stated that we would have to test each recipe. Now I do not think all the Non Profit organizations who sell cookbooks test each recipe. We are just a little shop NOT Southern Living. Besides those who provide the recipes will have tested them on their families for years.

I came home and googled and found the largest publisher of cookbooks with a free kit. I put my information in for the free kit faster than a duck on a june bug. I plan to contact each and every volunteer. Those who have email they will get a blanket email asking for recipes and help with the project and the others I will spring for the stamps and send the request by snail mail.

Never say never. The kittyjustice is that saying that phrase is like trying to train a kitty to come when called. Not gonna happen.

If by some small chance you read this and have any suggestions "Do not hesitate, send them quick. "

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