Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The story starts when Puppy was only about three years old. We were on our old pontoon boat floating around the largest part of the lake and it was in the middle of the week therefore not many boats were out on the lake when we spied this huge white sea going boat named "Neon Rainbow" just cruising along the shoreline.
Prince said it was Alan Jackson. Now before he was famous, he worked as a Runner at Nashville network and Prince worked in the computer area, so he would hear them page him. Prince said that with him going so slowly around the shoreline that he was probably looking for a place to build a house.
That is his house and the boat was built to match the house. The boats name is Lucille.
As we were leaving the dock on Saturday, he pulled up in his wooden boat. He has two on the lake, one big and the other small. Aboard with him were lots of teenagers so we figured that one of his girls was having a party and he was just being the normal Dad driving them around on the lake.
He is really a nice man and from what few encounters we have had with him, he does not put on airs. Thus said, I recall one day when Puppy was still small and Alan was out in his ski boat and we were in our bass boat and he was floating just outside his house. He had on his big white cowboy hat and Prince told him the story that they use to work at the same place and asked how he was doing. He said Fine and that it sure was HOT out here. At that time his song talking about HOT was out.
He has since lost the cowboy hat and wears a cap like other boaters. He had free concerts on the lake and we floated down the lake to one of them. One was held at around Floating Mill park and we just sat on the porch and he entertained us. Mother was on one of her just getting out of the hospital trips and she sat there and enjoyed it more than anyone will ever know. I am so thankful to Alan for that concert as she would never been well enough to see and hear him otherwise. The last three years of Mother's life she was in the hospital more than she was at home. Therefore, Mr. Jackson it was worth you cutting those trees.
The Kitty Justice is that Prince loves boats and cars so he was taking a picture of the big wooden boat not Alan.


Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ Great post about Alan Jackson. He is one of my favorite
singers ans seems such a nice man. So glad your Mother got to see and hear him. I have most of his CD s.
Thanks for your comments, and for the info that you call folks "cleaning ladies". The lady I have takes me shopping once a fortnight as well and is so nice. Glad you like the pic s, stories and jokes. You didn't say when your birthday was. I would like to put you in my birthday book. Take care Di, Love,

Lee said...

I adore Alan Jackson! I love his music. How great! I'm glad he's just a "normal" fellow...he looks like he would be.

What a magnificent area that is, Lady Di! It looks so tranquil.

Lady Di Tn said...

I gave the info in a reply and also posted on your blog.Hope you got it.

he does have a great voice. His wife just wrote a book and was at the bookstore signing it. I will try to get the name for you.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I know who Alan Jackson is, though I'm not a big Country & Western fan. That is my younger brother.