Friday, July 06, 2007


I plan to do just whatever I find around the house to do today. Nothing to strenuous.

Yesterday with my ole sore body, I painted the cabinet which had to be cut down to fit my new laundry system into the laundry room. The new system arrives next week. It is suppose to be high efficiency so less water and electricity will be used.

The dryer I used now belongs to Mimi so it is older than Puppy. The washer is only a few years younger than Puppy. So needless to say I was thrilled to be painting the cabinet as it meant a new system was coming to the hill.

Have not heard a peep about the blue train so I am just waiting to see if my insurance will GO UP and how much the damage will cost. I will have to shell out the deductible and I would have loved to use that cash to pay for some more improvements to the kitchen.

The house was built in 1965 and everything is the same. Except we have worn out a few dishwashers and frigs. The stove is the same, the ovens the same and it needs a new floor and a paint job. It has only been painted once since we have lived here. Whatever paint is used will be sucked up into the wall board like a big sponge.

Oh well, can't worry bout that Scarlett. I am just happy that I can move and the rods and screws in my back did not shift in that mishap. My Angel had to be working overtime to keep the little teenager and me safe. THANKS MOM.

It is gonna be a true July hot day with temps in the 90's and low of 70's. We hope to get a shower. I put the umbrella back out on the table to try to insure a shower. My Grandmother would be proud of such superstition. Bless her heart, she knew them all and imparted them to me to pass on to my child.

I am off to play in the laundry room. I am saying a fitting good bye to the old tubs.

The Kitty Justice is that I am tickled pink that it is Friday. It will be a good Nascar weekend for Prince.

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Lee said...

Don't do too much, Lady Di or you'll make me feel guilty. It's the weekend...a time to take things easy and to enjoy.

I'm busy burning CDs and listening to music today...that's the limit of my energy expenditure!

Have a great weekend. :)