Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This is the statement that Mimi usually makes whenever, I drive her somewhere.
Yesterday was the first day in a month we had gone to the shop to volunteer. Since Mimi is now using a walker and I figured she would get tired, I had Puppy come and work in the morning and then take Mimi home at lunch. I stayed on and helped Rick close the place up.

Getting off the interstate at our exit and turning left has really become a challenge as we have to turn left and go back under the interstate. Back when the interstate was built the way it is set up worked fine as there was hardly any traffic due to the fact it was mostly rural area. However, with all the new subdivisions and each one is built without a through street ,therefore all are dumped out on our street. Progress but nothing was done to the road system. Also, our street is now a major cut through to the booming industry in Cool Springs again making traffic a nightmare.

Check out the first photo. You get off I 40 and get on I 40 at the same spot going East. Heading west on I40 you get off on the other side of the interstate and then you are subject to the on and off traffic and then there is a curve with a hill before you as you try to get on and off. WHAT.

Back to the story, coming home I pulled out and noticed a gold SUV on the side of the road across from the entrance to I40 east and by the time I had finished my looky loo I saw the car in front of me was at a stand still. YIKES.I hit the brakes as hard as I could but alas the blue train kept going and WHAM the next thing I saw was an Air bag. Oh, that HURT S!!!!!!!

The blood was running out of the blue train and I turned off the engine as I knew she would get HOT. I can honestly say at first I did not know where I was or who I was and why it hurt so much. The teenager came over and asked "Mam, are you alright." I told him I thought so.

I called my Insurance company while the teenager called the police none emergency number to report the accident. Then I called Puppy to let him know what had happen 3 miles from home. He told me to calm down and he would be right there.

As I was sitting stunted in the middle of the road, several cars and dump trucks came whizzing by. One pick up truck came around me on the right side at the same time a dump truck went around me on the left side and they both had to hit their brakes because they tried to get on the entrance ramp at I 40 East at the same time. I was thinking HOLY ----.

When Puppy arrived he said I needed to move the car off the road, but it had no blood but I started her up anyway and pulled over past the teenager's car. I only pulled her off the road 20 feet from where I hit the teenagers car and it smelled like a HOT HOT ENGINE. I felt better as I was no longer a sitting duck for someone else to hit.

The teenager was a nice young man who had just graduated from high school and I kept thinking this could have been Puppy. His parents should be proud of him as he was polite and just a nice young man.

Puppy kept the situation in order with calls to his Mimi and his father. He talked to Officer Sears and the teenager and was so cool, calm and polite.

A very nice and young policeman came and he was so concerned when he asked if we were hurt. He explained everything that had to be done and he took both our information to his car to fill out a report. Then after he got a case number and while we were waiting for a wrecker service to haul away the blue train, he explained what we would need to turn into our Insurance company. We were both insured by the same company just different agents.

Everyone should get the honor to deal with such a professional and nice police officer as the one we came in contact. The reason I say this is because we have had a lot of press about bad officers that it was a pleasant encounter even in a bad situation. Maybe they should clone Officer Sears.

Puppy and I watched as they loaded the blue train on the wrecker and then we headed home. When we arrived home, we called the repair shop and told them the blue train was coming to their shop.

Mimi said "If you didn't want me to drive anymore you could have told me instead of wreaking my car". Then she laughed as she was relieved that no one was hurt seriously.

The kitty justice is that I should have took mine (silver bullet) instead of hers (blue train).

Now to try to get up and MOVE. Tuesday has to be better than Monday.


Lee said...

A big inconvenience but good that no serious injuries.

Spencer said...

Now MS kitty let me get a clear picture of the conditions at the time of the accident:
1) Clear day
2) NO rain
3) NO traffic on the two lane country road.
4) NO street obstructions (signs, flashing lights…)
5) NO small children in the back or front seat of the BigBlue Cadie
6) NO alcohol in the blood system (It’s prior to 5PM) Hummmm.
7) NOT using a cell phone at the time (you said the dog ate it last week).
8) NO dog distracting you.
9) New GLASSES ?
10) Your make-up has been on for over 23 hours….

The only thing that could have caused this accident is BAD KARMA from “MESSING WITH A MAN'S HAT!!!!!!

Lady Di Tn said...

More than an inconvenience it was not my CAR!!!!!

LOL must have been bad karma.

There was lots of traffic just not when the picture was taken. Took quite some time to get a clear shot of a empty road so the lay of the land could be shown.

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ I am so sorry you had this awful experience, but glad you weren't hurt badly. But everything hurts for a few days. I do hope you feel much better very soon and that the car can be repaired.
Sorry you have been unable to comment, but glad you enjoyed the posts. The Heart story was nice.
Take care Di, Love, Merle.

Lee said...

I was sure I commented on this post yesterday, Lady Di...but I see I didn't but Lee did!

I'm glad you are okay, Lady Di...it must have been a shock for you.

Lady Di Tn said...

Merle & Lee
Thanks for the well wishes. Today is the first day if I move it does not hurt so bad. I have had all kinds of unusual stuff happen which has made me keep moving which was probably a GOOD THING.

Corn Dog said...

I have to say as sorry as I am that this happened, I am so glad you were in the bigger car. I hope you and your back is okay.