Sunday, July 29, 2007

The white house is at the end of our one lane road and our little cabin is nestled in the trees. When it was built in the early 60's, there were not as many houses. Now days as you can tell from the house being built on the hill they are monster houses. Cousin CD said if you have more than 45 minutes of housework, you have too much house. Looks like the one being built is TOO MUCH HOUSE.
The new dock is a wonderful place. The store is on the left under the blue roof and the entrance to the Blue Gill Grille (don't say that too fast) is the tall section in the middle with an inside dining area and and outside dining area. My sister and her husband came up for a boat ride and we ate at the restaurant and sat outside. It has a great view of the boats coming and going.
The last picture was taken at the overlook on hwy 56. It shows a smooth ride up Mine Lick Creek. Most skier head for this area.
The Kitty Justice is that we had a grand time and during the week you almost have the whole lake to yourselves.


Corn Dog said...

HA. I just wrote you an email asking where you were but now I see. The new boat dock is a beauty! The lake looks gorgeous. Sounds like you had a grand time and you certainly deserved some R&R.

Lee said...

Just my kind of area...but with no neighbours! A cabin overlooking the water like dream of paradise!

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ The pictures are wonderful and 10 days of paradise
sounds just beautiful. I am so glad you enjoyed your holiday. (Even when
it rained.) You found it hotter at
home I see. Glad you enjoyed my pictures etc. My birthday is 24th
May. When is yours Di?
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

hi all


Unfortunately with time the cabin is hidden from the lake by the trees but we can still see alittle of the lake down the hill. Not as much as the boys would like. I like the seclusion.,

It had not rained at home at all and the lake is only 80 miles east.My petunia baskets had taken a beating as Puppy did not water them very good in my absence. Mine is ONE dozen (Jan 12th) that is how Prince remembers it.

Anonymous said...

It looks really nice an relaxing. The blue gill grill. Used to catch lots of them in California when I was a kid. Blue gills not grills.