Sunday, September 09, 2007

Barn along 840.
Side view Rooster Tails

Front of Rooster Tails on hwy 31.

Another side view of Rooster Tails.

Black Dog Market on Arno Road. Note Prince's pose.

Buggy beside Black Dog Market.

Puppy in front of my tea pot collection and the portrait of his Great Great Great Grandmother Eliza Pitts Black Wilson. John R.'s wife mentioned in previous post. Note Puppy's pose.
Saturday September 8Th was declared a play day for Kitty and Prince. Puppy came home to stay with Mimi and also raid the kitchen and take some pictures to put on his sites. This is not one he choose but I like the mischievous grin displayed. Mimi said that her father walked around with his arms crossed thus as shown in the pictures it has come down the family gene pool.
Prince and I took the misguided mail that was put in our mailbox to our neighbors and then we headed to co-op. We went to Franklin's co-op by way of Holly Tree Gap. Our ride there we were heading to a storm cloud. After paying for our bird seed, the bottom dropped out of the sky. Glorious rain. We stood and talked to the merchant and kidded about what was that falling from the sky.
After 30 minutes it had not stopped so we all carried an item to the truck and we thanked him for his help and I walked very slow getting quite wet and I even turned my face up to the heavens. When we stopped for lunch we both were cold in the restaurant from our wet clothes.
Prince on his way home from work had been passing the Black Dog Market and we drove over to see what it was about. They had taken an old store and remodeled it. In the back were before and after pictures of the market.
Next stop was Rooster Tails on Hwy 31. It was a Hodge podge of stuff. We mainly wanted to check out the stars. He had them in all sizes and colors. They are made of tin and you can put them outside on any building. They are called 'Good Luck Stars". We are thinking about getting one for the white barn.
On our way home on hwy 840 we pulled off the road to get the shot of a once handsome barn. I thought it had lots of character. Oh, if those walls could talk.
The Kitty Justice is that Prince and I had some one on one time in the rain but got home to dry ground. The good news is that it rained here this morning.


Corn Dog said...

Ooooh, Puppy looks so grown up. I did get a chuckle out of how he is standing just like Prince. Glad you pointed that out. Liked the buggy picture.

Lady Di Tn said...

Who stands like Thomas B. Jr and probably Sr and JR. I guess if I had those Wilson long arms of theirs I would cross them too. Mimi use to complain about her long Wilson arms and now she is glad to have them.
Yeah, Puppy is a full grown Dog now. But he will always be a Puppy to me CD.

Lee said...

Great pics and equally great story, Lady Di. An eventful but fun time by the sounds of it. To arrive home to the warmth of your personal surroundings is always wonderful. :)

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~Glad you had such a happy day and the photos are great.
Love your teapot collection too.
Thanks for your comments, glad you liked my big old picture, I love them
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. We had a fun time on our outing.

I got my first teapot & cups in the late 70's on my first trip to Hawaii. I rarely buy them for myself as they are given as presents. I put a little card in each saying who & when I got them from. I have yet to get a duplicate as they are all different. I will try to put a better picture on later blog . Thanks love and prayers

Jeanette said...

Hi Lady Di,
Great pics Yep Puppy sure got the same stance as Prince.

Merle said...

Hi again Lady Di ~~ Thanks for your visit and comments. Glad you enjoy the jokes I post and the pictures.
I do hope you got a good report at the Doctors. Take care, Love, Merle.