Friday, September 07, 2007

First of all this was the cover of the August 30, 2007"Nashville Scene". It is one of our several free papers here in Nashville. I do not pick it up as the articles are not to my taste but the cover caught my eye.
Secondly, could we not have rescheduled the election to another Tuesday since it now will occur on one of the worse days in our history. Hope the man who wins the mayors job is not as big a disaster.
When Knoxie and I were headed back from the Art Venture Lunch she commented that there was not much of a choice, as both were good ole boys.
She said she was not gonna vote and I told her I planned to and why.
I have even put a voters registration card on Puppy's desk for him to complete. He will not get to vote in this one but he can vote in the next.
Pictured on the left is Bob Clement from a long line of Democratic family. His father was Governor of our State and I really think he is using the Mayor's race as a stepping stone to the Governor Mansion.
Pictured on the right is Karl Dean, who happen to marry rich. He looks like the actor, sorry cannot remember the name, who played in the "Birdcage" with Robin Williams.
I might ad that this is a run off election as neither got a majority of votes the first time round. The evening of the first election, Mr. Clement came out like a RABID ANIMAL and his tirade was embarrassing. My thoughts were "Do I want this rabid animal representing Nashville?"
Our current Governor is rich and has not taken a salary the whole time in office. Also, Mr. Dean has carried himself in a stately manner. Even when his opponent accused him of trying to buy the election.
Nashvillian better watch out as Mr. Clement got lots of campaign funds from outside sources.
The Kitty Justice is whoever wins, I hope they do not give Nashville a BLACK EYE.


Lee said...

What great illustration! Tremendous caricature.

Lady Di Tn said...

yeah you can see why it caught my eye. I embarassed Prince and Mimi as I started laughing as I picked it up.

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ None of us have a lot of time for politicians it seems.
Thanks for your comments, glad you are happy with the Nice Matters Award. The singer on Jeanette's blog is Slim Dusty, an Australian country singer who made about 100 albums , but died a couple of years ago. "G'Day, G'Day" is one of his nicest. He also made "The Pub with no Beer" and hundreds of others.
Yes, I am so fortunate to have such
great kids. Geoff does practically all my gardening jobs. I hope you
had a fun day. Have a good week.
Take care, Love, Merle.