Wednesday, September 12, 2007





Since today is Maggie's birthday, I have given her more attention than usual. When we went out on the porch to hang the hummingbird feeders, it was a glorious 58 degrees. I just wanted to stand there and enjoy the sun coming up but I was all ready running late on getting my chores done before my first cup of coffee.
I love all the colors that the sun makes on the fog in the valley as it is rising. Such a wonderful day to be alive. Now to work.
I finally made the telephone call to the thread mill company to try an secure a replacement part. I finally had to put the teenager I was speaking AT not with on hold and ran downstairs to look to see which part it was compared to the blown up diagram. It looked like part 58 so I had her to order it for me and it should get here in a week. Prince loves to fix things so I plan to make him really happy as this was the whole back section of the walking deck.
I had had coffee but still no breakfast, I gathered up the dog blankets so I could take them and wash them all in a SUPER SIZE washer at the laundromat and the telephone rang. It was Pammie Poo wanting to know about our monthly lunch. We finally declared it to not happen this Friday as Carol will be in Chicago painting her daughter new place to hang her hat. Rather than continuing to pay rent she had figured out how to buy a condo. I congratulate her on being so wise at so young an age.
Time has not been harnessed by Lee yet so I was running out of it fast. I walked Maggie and stuffed the blankets and rugs in the trunk of the silver bullet and Mimi was headed for the door. Today is the day she gets her hair fixed.
Prince called and I sat and chatted with him for awhile in front of the hairdressers and then I looked at my watch and told him I was sorry but I had to run.
After I put everything in the SUPER SIZE washer, I thought why stay here and read when I can explore the shops behind the laundromat. Leaving the silver bullet parked there, I walked up the side street in the pleasant weather to the Bellevue Antiques Mall ,The Cottage Cafe and The Cottage of Bellevue. I started off at the farthest one which happen to be last mention. There were lots of antiques and gifts plus a room of new books and garden statues. I was trolling to find the Art Venture Door Prize for when Jo Jo and I host in January.
I looked through the Cottage and noticed there was a big doorway with a plaid curtain and you could go into the Cafe and then across the Cafe was another plaid curtain doorway which led into the Bellevue Antique Mall. I thought that was great to connect the cafe with the other two stores.
The Mall has several different vendors and I had just stopped at the first booth again trying to find something other than a plant or angel for a door prize. At this point I was approached by the sales lady and she introduced herself as Mrs C and I told her of my mission and she asked me if I had thought about having the luncheon at the cafe?
She placed me under her wing and whisked me off to meet the ladies of the cafe. One lady was called Teddy and they were so very friendly even as busy as they were. As Mrs C was telling me about the dining arrangements, Teddy held out a small dish with six different kinds of dessert. I succumbed and had the lemon square. It was like eating liquid sweet golden sunshine. (Not bad for breakfast) Then the other lady told me I had to try the homemade chips. Being a rat in a previous life, I immediately went for the thin one inch round cheese chips with sesame seeds. Yummy.
Then I was handed a spoonfuls of two different chickens salad. One was regular chicken salad and the other was pineapple chicken salad. Mrs C said they would fix me a free lunch to sample and I choose the Reuben sandwich served with the cheese chips and a fruit cup. WOW, free samples and now a free lunch. Sounds like they really want the Art Venture Group to book a luncheon. I brought home a menu but Mrs C wanted to send me a pretty one before I took it to this months luncheon.
I will take pictures of my find for a door prize later and post it. But first I have to send pictures to Jo Jo to see if she approves.
While I was browsing I did see an old wooden frame with Marlyn in it and I thought I sure know an Aussie who would love that for his collection. Of course I am speaking of Merle's brother Peter. Funny I might never have noticed that picture if I had not read his blog and saw his collection.
I told Mrs C that I had wrecked my MIL car and had left her at the hairdressers and I did not need to add the insult of being late. I walked back to the parking lot with my free lunch and door prize and ran into the laundromat and flung my rugs and blankets into the basket and headed for the door. A nice man held the door open for me and I thank him and as a southern do he said I was welcomed.
When I pulled up to the door of the hairdressers there sat Mimi waiting on me. Yikes. She said she had not been waiting long.
The Kitty Justice was I forgiven for being late as I shared my free lunch with her.BTW it was great and even Mimi wants to go and sit and have lunch later on.
Need to run and play Frisbee with the birthday dog.


Lee said...

Happy Birthday, Maggie, you beautiful girl! :)

Lovely pics, Lady Di.

I'm puffed from just reading of all your activity! The rope on my harness is not long enough to pull back time! ;)

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ Love the photos of the birthday girl and the fog with sunshine over it. Nice. Well you had a busy day and that Cafe sounds great giving you free samples. I guess they want your business. Fancy you remembering Peter's fondness for Marilyn Monroe and I am sure he would have liked the picture. Good on you for volunteering at a thrift shop
and I can see you cuddling the cute stuffed animals. I do hope the change in your meds proves a good
one and that you will keep better
Take care, my friend,Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Hey Ladies
Maggie had a great day. Puppy came home and got in the floor and loved on her and played with her until she laid down to rest.

Thanks it was a beautiful day.

My head was spinning as I was just trolling for ideas and never dreamed of getting samples and a free lunch. Prince has to work late so Mimi and I are gonna go and get some chicken salad for dinner.

I think once I get the thread mill fixed so I can walk more, that will help my morning numbers more than meds.

He told me of the bad side effect which involves the bathroom and if I happen to get that side effect to go back to one pill a day.

Thanks for visiting and Now I have got to go get my Slim Dusty fix.
love and prayers

Corn Dog said...

Happy Late Birthday Maggie Girl. You are the cutest thing.

That is so cool about the free lunch. I think you should go all over town and test different restaurants and see if you can get other free lunches. It's worth a try. Tell them Art Venture Club might be interested in them. That place does sound really yummy though. I'm a sucker for good chicken salad.