Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In October last year he was busy clearing out a fence row at his home. Next thing he knew he was on the ground. He thought if he could just sit up, he could get up.
He had a massive stroke and he was only 54. A helicopter landed in his back yard and whisked him to a Nashville hospital. For awhile the doctors did not give him much of a chance to make it. But they did not know he had been made from the category "Tough as Nails".
Time began to stand still and his days were therapy and more therapy. Finally, he got to return home but as fate would have it "He was his own worse enemy." In his mind he could do things that physically he could not do. While the gentleman who was staying with him put the dog up, he proceed to head for the kitchen and pain pills. He fell and broke his hip.
After this was repaired at the local hospital, he was placed in a Nursing home as his tiny wife and daughter could not care for him properly. Since then he has had several seizure and the last time had to be taken back to the local hospital.
He is only a month older than Prince and they have been good friends for a long time. Prince trys to go visit him at least once a week to help keep his spirits up. I have gone a few times but it is so damn depressing. The place is not that well kept and I have an adversion to bad smells.
The Kitty Justice is ole Tom Cat will go to Heaven as he is serving time in Hell now.
Peace to all on this day which will forever be etched in sadness.Who has forgotten? NOT ME.


Lee said...

That is far, far too young...and too sad. My best wishes go out to Tommy.

Lady Di Tn said...

you are correct. He loved to work on cars and had just built a new garage to start working at his home, It does break my heart. What is also sad he has aged so very much since the stroke.
Prince has told him to stop and think before he says anything and example it as will this be Tommy speaking or the stroke speaking.

Also, I can honestly say he was not my favorite buddy of Princes but no one deserves what happen to him.

Corn Dog said...

I am so sorry, Lady Di. That is really messed up. I wish he could get out of that nursing facility.

Lady Di Tn said...

Gran Dot's place and where Dad spent his last days were palaces compared to this place. I do not know if he will ever make it out.