Tuesday, September 18, 2007

As I was waiting my turn to pick up my prescriptions at the local drug store, I sat down for a demonstration of the massaging cushion. I thought this thing will be like all the other massage items around it will probably only make me itch. However, it was gonna be a long wait so I sat down.
WOW!!! This thing was great. I check the price and said NOT that great. My guys are forever saying I am a cheap deal shopper and I am proud of finding things for much less than the original price.
After Prince got home I told him how good the massage cushion made my back feel and he was indignant that I had not gotten it. So after several days thinking about it, I went and picked it up and then snuck it in the house. Why sneak? Mimi had been given several massaging items from her other son and wife and they are still in the house not being used and she would have thought I should use them. Even though they do not operate the same.
The Kitty Justice is the Shiatsu Massaging Cushion is worth more than I paid for it because it makes you FEEL SO GOOD.
The balls in the circle go round and round and up and down, just like the old song.


Merle said...

Hello Di ~~The new toy sounds great and I am glad that it is helping with your back, that's
really good. Glad you got some laughs at my blog. I am
often up until 2 am. I try for midnight, but don't often make it. Take care, Love, Merle.

Lee said...

I want one of them!!!! I want two of them...I want them dotted throughout my cabin...wherever I sit!

And there's is absolutely nothing wrong with being always alert for the best deal..price-wise, Lady Di!

Corn Dog said...

hey congrats. Keith got the whole chair. It cost an arm and a leg but he sits in it all the time and it really helps his back.

Lady Di Tn said...

You always brighten my day. 2 am I am just getting my best sleep.

I think you have a grand idea to place them throughout the house.

Tell Mr. CD to put me in his Will and I better get the chair. I am so envious. I can only imagine how good that FEELS.