Thursday, September 13, 2007

Prince brought these home one day for no reason except he saw them and thought of me.

Given to me by Prince on Valentine 06.

Prince got this one for me on our last trip to Florida.

One of the few I bought for myself and at the Bellevue Antique Mall.

Display case in the Library, the right side.

Display case in Library, left side.

Top left of the display case.
Everyone collects something and mine came by as an accident. Friends and family found out I loved teapots after I bought my first one in Hawaii in the 70's.
For years I would have a few scattered around the house and then The Linen Store in Green Hills closed its doors and sold its display cases. I bought one without thought that it would be a bugger to move. It has a bottom shelf which I lined with my Mother's table cloth, and two glass shelves and a mirrored back. I was not thinking how heavy it would be just that I could take my teapots out of storage boxes and display them dust free.
Prince, Puppy and Prince's brother Ed took the little blue farm truck to Green Hills and loaded her up. Prince's only request was that I make damn sure where I wanted this heavy ------- as he was not moving it again. So now it resides in the Library.
I took glass wax and cleaned the shelves and the mirror and put Natchez Solution on the wood base. It took several trips to the basement to bring my collection upstairs. Then I had to rearrange until I got them located in a perfect spot. There are none alike and I have been given most of them.
As I sit using the computer I can glance over at them and feel the love of those who gave them to me. Two of the family members are gone, My Mother and Gran Dot so those teapots are even more special than they were at the time given.
The kitty justice is that a collection makes the collector HAPPY AND MINE MAKES ME VERY VERY HAPPY.


Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ I just love your beautiful collection of tea-pots. They are all lovely
but I think my favorite is the
Valentines Day gift from Prince. Thank you for your comments, so glad you enjoyed the jokes. It's good your weather is nice too at present
Have a great weekend my friend, Love, Merle.

Lee said...

Wow! You sure have a lot of teapots, Lady Di! I know where to go when I feel like a cup of tea! ;) You certainly have some beauties there!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Merle. Prince has given me lots of nice teapots over the years but my favorite has to be the bathtub one he got when he was working an event at Kohler.

Lee come on over and we will use whichever teapot you desire. Thanks I do enjoy them and I love them all even the 99 cent ones to the antique hundred dollars one. It is really the people who have given them to me that make them special.

Corn Dog said...

Wonderful collection. I didn't know you had collected so many.

Lady Di Tn said...

Abody gets quite a few over thirty years and they were in boxes when you were here as I had no place to display them.