Friday, November 02, 2007

The Jackson Hill
It will be dark on the hill across the way because Mr. Jackson died on Halloween. Another victim of Cancer. He had a big bright smile for all and his wife is such a sweet and talented lady.
He too was very talented. He did bronze sculptures and was always taking classes to learn more. I wish I had as much knowledge of the computer that he had in his little finger and then I would be really smart.
His wife weaves and does bead work. She tried to teach me one day but the beads are so very tiny I could not control them and ending up spilling them on the floor. I think she forgave for being so clumsy.
She has made some beautiful quilts and one was made of men's silk ties. It was a Crazy Quilt.
Their home is the the only house on top of the hill and their driveway goes around and around the hill side. It like ours were one of the first ones out in this area. Now we have more homes out here than you can shake a stick at as My Grandmother use to say.
He would drive up with apples to share with us and then I or Prince would take cherries to share with them. They gave us a coffee table book on Coverlets that they wrote and I gave them an autumn painting of their hill.
Prince would call and let Mr. Jackson know when the space station could be seen and he would go out and enjoy the view with us but on different hill sides.
The Kitty Justice is we knew, we shared and now we will miss.


sheoflittlebrain said...

What a lovely blog you have! I found my way here through Changes in the Wind.
I wanted to mention that there is an Autumn Crocus. We have some and yours looks the right color, striped purple and white. The pollen from this crocus is the precious spice saffron.

Changes in the Wind said...

Makes me think of that it better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all.

Here in the city few of us know our neighbors at that is a sorry state isn't it.

Mary said...

My sincere sympathies on the passing of your neighbor.

Jeanette said...

Hi Lady Di. Deepest sympathy on the sad loss of your friend and neighbour.
love all your plants also...

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for stopping by and the compliment and information. I will watch and see if that crocus blooms next fall.

I do not know why city folk who live so close cannot get closer than we who's neighbors (mostly are not that close) are friendlier.
Now we do not see each other often but when we do we truly enjoy one another.

Thanks you Mary, It seems more people are leaving us and Puppy wanted to know what was with all the people dying. I gave him a short email education on Cancer.

Thank you as it seems lots of people are leaving us behind of late. Could it be because I am heading toward 60?
I have way too many plants but at least I have whittled it down from 150 to about half that many now.
Last year Puppy filled the back of his SUV with the large plants and I donated them to the St. Lukes Community Center to may the board rooms and offices and waiting area more inviting.

Peace be to all this Sunday.

Corn Dog said...

Di, Sorry to hear about Mr. Jackson. He's a long time resident of the hill, isn't he? That is the best picture.