Friday, November 09, 2007

The Lake

I had planned to put on a few of the cabin at your request but find, I do not have many of the cabin on digital so I will have to hunt up some and scan them.

Most of the pictures we take are of the lake and not the cabin. Therefore, I put a painting I did several years ago of the cabin. I changed the tree from a dogwood to a red bud. Artistic license.
The picture of the deck, you can see the new boards the contractor has replaced and he called and said he now has them painted redwood. While we were there I took the hummingbird feeder down and washed it so it would be ready for next year. That is one of my favorite things to do. Take my coffee out on the deck and watch the hummer partake in food provided.
The Kitty Justice is I found out just how few pictures of the cabin that I have taken the last three years. More to come but not today.


Marcel said...

Looks like a very nice deck and I'd say you are a very talented painter!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Marcel. The house was built without a deck an the a frame windows let so much sun in that Uncle Jack, Lewis's brother, had the deck built. While I was looking in the old photo's for pictures, I came across the building of the cabin and the picture was dated 1967 not 1964. The trees around the cabin were just twigs.
Painting is my passion and I always feel that my battery has been recharged after a day with a brush in my hand.

Merle said...

Dear Lady Di ~ ~Love your
Painting of the cabin. It's really nice. Maybe you will have to take another trip to take more photos ~ I have forgotten how far away it is. The deck looks great. Thanks for your comments and Audrey Hepburn was a lovely lady and her Beauty tips were nice. The computer class is good and I am enjoying it and learning a few things. Take care Di,
Love, Merle.