Thursday, November 08, 2007

Usually in the mail we get this day and time, it is junk mail and request for money either bills or charity. An occasional magazine or catalog give us something to thumb through but most of the time mail is rather mundane.
A few days back, there was a bubble envelope with the above card and the little box inside. What a treasure.
My friend Carol had seen this little box because when she saw it she thought of my best four legged furry friend, Maggie. Each little scene shows something my girl would do. Since she was three months old she has been retrieving the paper. I had to put a fence around my knockout roses to keep her from digging them up and she loves to play Frisbee.
When Maggie wants something, she will put that big paw on you and if you ignore her she will put the other one on you knees and raise up to look you in the eye.
David, Carol's husband, has been friends with Prince, since they roomed together in College. LONG TIME. David is the computer wizard who fixes every ones computers.
David and Prince had gone down to see our friend Tommy who had the stroke and is in a nursing home, so Carol came and visited with Mimi and I. We got to talking about artichokes and it flung a craving on us, so the boys went to the store and I whipped up the meal when they arrived with the groceries.
The little package arrived the first of the following week after their visit.
Carol has this squeaky little voice and she is very entertaining. Her mother was full Japanese, so she is truly a beauty. She is so cute and friendly that she could ask a strange what color and style of underwear they had on and they would laugh and tell her. When Pammie Poo and I go out to lunch or just shopping with Carol she can ask anything of anybody and they will oblige her with an answer. If I asked some of the questions she ask, I would be slapped and verbally dressed down. NOT CAROL.
She always has her makeup on and a slight little heel and she would remind you of Betty Boop walking along or a two year old wearing heels. Maybe it is her ancestry that makes her want to walk on her toes.
Getting back to the mail, when I opened the bubble envelope I was reminded how sweet and thoughtful she happens to be and I wanted all of you in blog land to know how THANKFUL I AM TO HAVE HER AS A FRIEND.
The Kitty Justice is the small things are what matter. Therefore to brighten someones day, just send a little cardboard box or a card OR WHATEVER.

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Merle said...

Dear Di ~~ What a lovely friend to have - she sounds so sweet. Thank you so much for your comments and concern for both John and myself. We are both OK ~ and the doctor froze the thing on my nose again, so hope it stays off this time.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.