Friday, November 30, 2007

MORE DECORATIONS. Our front door. I usually add different picks etc to the wreaths each year. I got the white poinsettia string and wove it into the green garland and added the gold balls this year. The gold bells on the lights were my Mother's and she would put them up in the windows and plug them in. I do not light them up as they are over forty years old and I wish to keep them in as good a shape as possible so I can put them out each year in her memory. She loved Christmas.
Prince located this old seeder in a gully on the farm. I think it is beautiful and has lots of character. This is the first year I have decorated it and we had gotten some rope lights but I could not figure out how to make it look nice so I abandon the idea of lights.

Mother liked to stick Christmas decoration in the ground and again the tree and reindeer were hers and they are beginning to wear and fade BUT I put them out anyway along with candy canes.

I had an extra red bow so waste not, I tied it to the old bell. Frank (our friend and farm tenant for over forty years) and I poured the concrete and built the bell tower. He took a boom on the tractor and hung the bell.

The front of the Log Cabin which sits next to our house. Lots of people have lived here and Prince and I started our married life here. After Puppy was born, we lived over two more years here. Puppy's baby bed was in one corner and our bed another in the middle section.

A full view of the cabin. It has three levels and lots more room than you can tell when you first see it. If you look close, you can see that the basement extends out pass the back of the upper levels. Down in the basement is the living area, dining area, bath and kitchen. There is a concrete porch at the back of the kitchen and it is a nice place to sit and drink coffee and watch the world come alive.
As I was taking pictures, Maggie ran off which is not like her. I spent over an hour looking for her and calling her name. By this time my whole body ached so I hobbled back up the drive to be greeted by Maggie. She stood up from her favorite area of the yard, near the bench under the pin oak tree and watched me hobbled up the drive. As I rounded the curve she figured that out it was me and came running. I was near tears so I was happy to see her.
The Kitty Justice is to aways check to see if she has circled back and gotten under the box woods to dig to China. There are TWO GIANT HOLES under the boxwood right at the front door. I did not have the energy to cover them up so guess what I will be doing today.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

The old seeder looks beautiful. I would love to visit your beautiful home. All of the farm equipment reminds me of childhood days on the farm. And your place looks so wonderful all decorated for Christmas.

Enjoyed my visit, as always.
Blessings for a great weekend.

Lady Di Tn said...

As I told Marcel when we get the cabin back in shape I would love my blogging friends to stop by for a visit.
Thank you for the compliment and the goats on your blog brings back wonderful day with my Grandpa.
Have a grand weekend.
Peace be with you.

Marcel said...

Wow, the cabin looks great. I might just have to take you up on the offer someday! I also enjoyed the other photos too.

I hope the hole filling in went ok!

Changes in the wind is said...

Your Mom's bells are beautiful. Have never seen anything like them that light up. Don't you wonder what we have today that will even hold up to be passed down.

Lady Di Tn said...

I would be proud to have you come stay in the cabin someday. I filled in the holes and now she sniffs where they were before heading out into the yard. Each time I say "NO" in my general voice and she leave it alone.

Thanks they were beautiful lighted and I would love to do it but I just cannot bear to think they might not work. I hear ya about holding up. My new dryer that I saved for has to have a new control panel. Yes they had to order it so it has not even come in yet. The other one was older than Puppy and still going. Go figure.
Peace to you both and glad you enjoyed my outside decorations.

Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ My goodness, what a lot of decorating outside you have done.
It all looks wonderful and I love the bell tower. I hope you get your dryer
going soon. Thank you for your comments and I am glad you enjoyed the post. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Corn Dog said...

The hill is in the holiday season. It looks lovely.