Saturday, November 10, 2007


Puppy has come home so he can get up and finish his window washing job. As stated before FIL Lewis had this house built with the idea of looking at the view so we have lots of windows. Puppy has already washed the ones on the upper porch and now he will do the ones out front. Six large and 7 small and that does not include the bedrooms and baths windows.

At one time I could do all of them in one day, then it was two , then a week and then two weeks and now not at all unless I wish to suffer from back pain. I washed the ones on the bottom porch before I moved the plants inside and paid for it for three days. Yes, I got very familiar with the medicine cabinet.

Last night was the first night in awhile that Puppy spent the night and to say Mom was thrilled is an under statement.

As usual Maggie dog awoke me at 4:30 so I have had the house to myself to read blogs and just have fun on the computer.

I awoke Prince about an half hour ago so he could take his truck to have the oil changed. I have offered him the silver bullet to drive to Murfreesboro each day but he just loves his truck. He also likes his job and the people at the hospital so the drive is the only draw back. He usually goes the back roads and enjoys the scenery and listen to the radio. His time alone.

The Kitty Justice is that it may be cold outside 39 degrees but it is nice an cozy in the house in more ways than one.


Marcel said...

Thanks for your kind words on my bolg as always. I'm extra glad to see you are going to have great weekend.

When Puppy is done please send him my way. I have windows to wash agin too. (Just joking, I like washing the windows.)

Susie said...

Is "Puppy" your son? I have lots of windows to wash and could certainly use some help here!! It's raining, so will have to do other chores today.
Love the picture of your cabin's deck!

Corn Dog said...

Puupy looks handsome, but alas old. I remember the tiny one.

Lady Di Tn said...

Puppy would love to come to Alaska and wash windows for free room and board. haha Prince and I did not get a honeyoon after the wedding so in 1998 we took the cruise of the inside straights of Alaska and Puppy has not forgiven us for not taking him with us.

Susie, Puppy is my one and only. I was a late bloomer so when I would pick him up from school or activities, the parents thought I was the Grandma coming for the grandson. A friend nickname, Wilson, my husband "Hot Dog" and then it was shorten to just "Dog" so it was natural to nickname Owen "Puppy".

Cousin CD
I was just looking at those old photo on Friday when Puppy came home from school. He grinned and ask me "What cha doin?" knowing full well I was admiring him. You would really enjoy the self assured young man he has become this year. Everyone notices the difference. Puppy is looking for an internship with a computer company for the summer. Do you have any suggestions?

Love and prayers to you, Mr. CD and those cute doggies.

Mary said...

A lovely post and if Puppy should ever wish to visit Canada, my windows could use a good washing.

Take care and thanks for posting. Why don't you drop over to my blog and join in the giveaway.


Merle said...

Hi Lady Di ~~ Nice photo of your son. And how good he is to do the window washing for you ~ it's a big job.
Glad you enjoyed the White Rose story, and the jokes. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.