Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Remember the painting I just made up and was not quite happy with how it looked.

I am so much happier with the bird than the woman. I did this yesterday and some of the ladies could not believe I would paint over her. I told them I liked the bird better. This is the only the second time I have attempted the feather world.
I want to shout out a "THANK YOU" to Jerry at Lazy Blogger for letting me print one of his pictures to use. I hope you can recognize the painting as your picture even though I took an artistic license not to paint the whole picture, just the bird.
The Kitty Justice is that I will call this painting "Jerry" in honor of his generosity.

Monday, July 28, 2008

This photo of our hummer is way out of focus but others have shared their little feathered friends so I thought I would do the same. The best ones are Abe's at Brookville Daily Photo. He has "A WAY WITH A CAMERA".
I keep a vigil daily of our morning glories but alas all we have this year are vines. Where oh where are the blooms?
The kitty justice is no moon flower and now only vines on the morning glories.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I plan to share a series of photos of this mornings sunrise.
Straight up overhead was the Moon still peeking at me.

The sun has just began to color the few wispy clouds on the horizon.

This view is just a little more to the left.

I tried to get more of the sky color and less land.

I did much better with this one as it is all sky. Yeah.

The first sight of the red ball appearing just over Jackson's hill.
Just a little more red ball.

It changes quickly so I was snapping photos very fast.

I think the sky appears more red as it climbs into the blue sky.

The red glow is now reflecting in the fog in the valley.

Just a little more of the glowing red.
Again I tried for more sky and a little less earth.

I took a glimpse up high to the west which is on the left side and saw the wispy clouds .
The Kitty Justice is that you got to see the sunrise this morning with me. Now where is my coffee.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Prince needs to stay at work as he is the only healthy varmint on the hill. Well, I must say Maggie and Sam Cat are fine and fuzzy.
First of all, yesterday afternoon, my throat became sore and then BAM the left ear began to hurt. I put some drops into my ear and took a sinus Tylenol before bedtime. I awoke to the pounding of my ear. I was woozy. I manage to get the dog taken out, Prince's breakfast and lunch made. Then I headed back to bed. Awoke at 9:30 took another antihistamine and headed back to bed after two crucial calls were made. At 1pm the ear was not hurting but it feels like I have a poker running down my neck from behind my ears to my collar bone. Does it not always happen when the doctor is not in his office. I went to Google and research ear infections. I need to locate some nasal spray and gum with xylitol without having to order on the net.
Second, Puppy came home yesterday from work, complaining that his back hurt. Sports creme came out as I thought with his construction job he had sprained a muscle. This morning his statement "I am not gonna lie, it is worse not better. I handed him two Motrin. I need to check and see if that helped.
Thirdly, Mimi awoke with a swollen elbow. Again doctor kitty went to Google as her doctor had mention she may be having some issue when I took her to see about her swollen knee. I printed off the information and told her to read it and I also told her to take the antibiotic that he had given her . She said she only had 3 more pills and I told her to take it and it would get us through the weekend. The pills cost $10.00 each therein lies the concern.
Prince called to check on the sickling and will be bringing home something prepared for dinner. I know he will be hungry but the rest of us may not have an appetite.
The kitty justice is I must hitch up me ears and rally to take care of others.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Morning. It was 64 degrees when Maggie had to make her first visit outside. Another blissful cool day. However, tomorrow the humidity and hot hot weather is to return. The best thing for those who live here is get out today and enjoy the cool weather and be thankful for the respite.

As luck would have it I have an appointment and will miss most of the time outside but I will be thankful not to melt as I pull in and out of the car.

Now for the plant. I thought Mother had given me some seeds for a sensitive plant but the package has not been open. The package of basil had been opened and I just figured when this foreign plant came up in the mist of the basil that the packages had mixed while secure in their little baggie.

The seed could not have been in the potting soil as I and since it looked like the picture on the package well I assumed (ass u me) that was what it could be. Its stock looks like the stock of an asparagus plant. The fronds look like a miniature palm and in the evening it's leaves fold together and as you can see in the last photo looks like a fuzzy stick.

So is this or is this not a Sensitive Plant. The kitty justice is that someone would assure me that I have not been raising a WEED.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Sisters are done. I worked on the contrasts and clouds on the right plus painted the scene around the edges since this is a gallery wrap canvas. This is one of the one I am thinking of submitting for the December show.
This is the sunrise taken from our back porch this morning. Yeah we have some clouds acting as earth's umbrella to shade us from that big hot ball in the sky.

This is a sunset out front taken in March. We can see only glimmer of the colors in the summer due to the leaves on the trees.
Therefore, you can see why I post sunrises instead of sunsets. When we get to the lake we have the reverse and that is where I can take pretty sunsets but no sunrises.
Mimi is better but still on the weak side. She is a "MY DO IT" (quote from Puppy's first sentences) but I have noticed this week she is asking us to do more for her, which without her saying makes me aware that she is not back to her old self yet.
This morning in my drug induced slumber, Maggie jumped up to get on the bed at the exact time I threw myself up and out of the comfortable cocoon. Both of us were shocked into reality. Nothing like being hit with an eighty pound dog with one eye open. It confused her and stun me.
When I took Maggie out this morning, I was pleasantly surprised. Yeah, thanks for the cool down. It was like stepping into a slice of refreshing heaven. A gentle breeze made the skirt of my robe caress my legs. One of the first things I do out of habit is look up into the trees and sky checking for my feathered friends.
Maggie was still confused and headed down the drive at record speed to get the paper. Now, Prince usually takes the paper off the roadside and up the driveway about 35 feet so Maggie will not get close to a busy road. That brought me immediately out of my skyward dreaming and I headed pass the horse block so I could see her. Just as she got to the paper, a dump truck came up the hill from highway 100 and around the curve. Maggie grabbed the paper and headed to the roadside where I planted the day lilies. How soon apprehension can turn into relief.
After Maggie's payment (one piece of beggin strip and a dog biscuit) I took my first cup of coffee and some fresh water for the birdbath out on the back porch. I took a sip and here came a female hummingbird within three feet of where I sat. I wonder if she thought she had hit the Mother load of flower, a giant pink one at that. I must have blinked as she backed off and chirped at me in disgust. Or was my imagination running wild AGAIN. As I continue to enjoy the first taste of starting fuel, I spied a black cap chickadee enjoying a safflower seed. I made a mental note to put out some more later today after the morning feast.
The kitty justice is not to spring from bed at the same time your dog begins her flight to join you in bed.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gonna be another hottie today. High nineties and lots and lots of humidity. Early morning or late evening is the only time to be outside.
Yesterday was the hottest day we had all year a 96 degree day.
When you opened the front door and stepped outside, you were greeted with a cloak of air so heavy, I wanted to turn around and rush back inside. Maggie would have none of that because she had her outside duties to attend. I moved further outside onto the sidewalk and my crisp outfit began to crumple. Slowly, I headed to the drive with a now drenched outfit to the welcome of the shade from the little pin oak.
Maggie was not affected and went about sniffing for visitors that had come and gone during the night. I sat on the bench wishing for RAIN as I peered into the cloudless sky.
I am still working on "The Sisters" and plan to take it to the Art Center to finish it today. I am not satisfied with the sky and I have already added more shadows and color to the mountains. Once finished I will post another photo.
Got some really good news via email yesterday. Our local publisher said they would like to use some of the photos that I submitted in their poetry and art book due out later this year. My payment will be two copies of the book when it is printed. Can't wait to share it with you when completed.
I was thrilled to have some of the photo submitted picked. I still get a little tingle just thinking about the fact.
The kitty justice is you do not enter you cannot be picked.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Backyard visitor.

The cloud on the right looks like God's hand palm up with the light holding the light of HOPE.
The little dip in the horizon is called Nine Mile Hill as it is exactly nine miles to downtown Nashville.
Today I will share POTATO SALAD
4 cups diced cooked potatoes
1 cup diced celery
1/2 cup sliced spring onions
1/4 cup sliced radishes
2 Tbsp chopped parsley
1 cup Mayonnaise
2 tsp mustard
1/2 tsp celery seed
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
Combine potatoes, celery, onions, radishes and parsley in a large bowl. In another container mix mayonnaise, mustard, celery seed, salt and pepper. Combine this mixture with the potato mixture. Refrigerate for several hours before serving. Garnish with extra parsley and smoked paprika.
The kitty justice that I could make this my entire meal.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I would like to announce that the website is done and hopefully there are no bugs lurking about. The only bugs I like are the decorative ones as shown in the first photo.
Come visit me at
Y'all have a nice day.
The kitty justice is to remember if something goes wrong, will it really matter in a hundred years .

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The one day it rained last week, DHL left this package on TOP of our mailbox.

This is the view of the right corner by the front door.

First of all, I have been unable to post as I have been taking care of Mimi. Monday evening she had a chills and a fever. We called the doctor answering service as nothing ever happens during doctors hours. What we had done was in accordance to what he would have done. Prince wanted to take her to the emergency room and Mimi and I both said "NO". I kept vigil until the fever broke. Tuesday she was feeling better but weak. Yesterday, her good leg (right) knee was swollen and she could hardly walk. I called the nurse and the doctor wanted her to come in so he could check her out.

The dilemma was she was so weak, that I knew I could not manage her on my own. I tried calling Cousin but could not get him so Prince called and said he would meet me at the office with a wheel chair that the office furnishes for such occasions. That was a very good thing. She struggled to get in and out of the car and I held my breath. Today she is much better but still not out of the woods.

Therefore, blogging got put on the back burner and I will visit each one sometime soon but as for now I just wanted all of you to know what is happen on the hill.

Now for the box. I am not fond of the carrier DHL. They are the only ones who never come up the drive and come to the front door and leave the package. The other two companies do not have any trouble coming up and they are really careful with the packages. NOT DHL. We have an oversize mailbox so packages can be put in side without any problem. We got a heavy rain last Wednesday and the driver did not bring the package up and was too lazy to even put it in the mailbox. It was a hit and run delivery as he/she sat it on top of the box IN THE RAIN. It was not put in a plastic bag to insure that whatever was inside did not get soak.

The articles inside where ruined and when I saw the box, I was like a bull seeing a red banner. These were the cards I had done of my artwork. I immediately called the vendor and they apologized and sent replacements. The box arrived by the same carrier and luckily it was not raining however, on a sunny day they put the box in the mailbox. Still they did not drive up the driveway and deliver it in person.

The Kitty Justice is we are blessed that Mimi is getting better. Also, thankful it was not a big hassle to get the cards replaced even with the customer service representative who lives far far away and her English was hard to understand. However, me paws will get slammed today as I will have to bare my claws to the Insurance Company. Wish me luck.

Monday, July 14, 2008


The day I saw Mz. Kitty taking a bunny almost as big as herself home to proudly show her owners, I knew they would not be happy with that prize.

The reason for the picture is that I am slowing decorating the 200 year old oak stump with a sun mirror. The last day the humidity was this low, I painted the top and sides a soft light gray. I left about 3 inches at the bottom and I plan to spray that black and then add rocks. I had put a round pine tree wheel in the middle to raise the sun's face.

This poor tree was not cut deliberately but out of necessity. During one of the TN lighting and rain storms, a big bolt of lighting hit and it also made some marks on the bricks on the side of the garage. The electric service had to co ordinate with the tree cutters as our electrical line had to be detached to fell the tree and then reattached to our home.

I really miss this majestic tree as it kept the kitchen and my flower bed out back cool and comfortable. I have moved most of the hosta to another shady area but not all and their leaves are showing the effects of the hot summer sun.

I was wondering if any of you had any ideas on the decoration of the sun stump?
The kitty justice is it would be great if you shared.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good Morning from the Hill. Prince took this photo one morning last week while I was busy in the kitchen. There is something about a foggy morning that just whispers "Good Morning."

The air got so heavy that it finally started coming down as rain last evening. I had just finished grilling, when the heavy rain began. I do being it is my Cherokee ancestry that makes grilling out so much fun and I do not care about the weather. I just dress accordingly.
Five O'clock Maggie got me up this morning and the sound of a slow rain just wanted to rock me back to sleep. It is suppose to rain most of the day. I would not mind it raining this way for a few days. Our water table is still low from last years drought.
Now for the Sunday Sharing (while everyone is sleeping)

Jalapeno Cornbread

2 cups self rising cornmeal
3 large eggs, lightly beaten
1 medium onion, chopped
1-4 oz can chopped Jalapeno or four fresh peppers chopped
2 cups (8 oz) shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
1- 16 oz tub sour cream
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1- 8 and half oz can cream style corn

Stir together all ingredients in a very large bowl. Pour batter into a greased 13x9 inch pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour or 400 degrees for 45 minutes. If you use muffin tins instead of a pan it will take only 35 to 40 minutes to cook. Yields 12-15 servings.

I came across this recipe in July of 1998 in the Southern Living Magazine. You can use as many or as few peppers that you wish and also I have made it with different cheeses to just experiment. My opinion is Cornbread is GOOD ANY WAY YOU CAN GET IT.

This is the cornbread that we took to BIL ribs party. It is also mighty fine with soup.

I hope you cook up a batch and when you take a bite say "This is real Kitty Justice."

Y'all have a good day and remember God is always looking out his window.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Knock Out roses are doing quite well this year and I think it is because Maggie is not trying to dig them up. Anyone who has had a puppy especially a rumbustious lab pup knows how they love to DIG. Maggie is not quite two but her manners are much better. If we have a mole at work in the backyard, we will encourage her to dig him out and she will look up with so much excitement as if to say "I cannot believe you are letting me do this, but boy am I having FUN."

My pal, Pammie Pooh and I celebrated her double nickel day with going to a Red Robin for lunch and as Jen would say "retail therapy". Both Pammie and I love bargains but we adhere to the reality that it is NOT A BARGAIN IF YOU DO NOT NEED IT. It is just fun to hang out with her and laugh and act like teenagers again. That girl just loves Elvis. She had an Elvis purse, make up bag and on Halloween she dresses up like Elvis.

At the Red Robin, a place to get hamburgers fixed in SO many different ways, I told the girl as we entered that Pammie was celebrating double nickels and did they have a dessert special. They serve a free birthday sundae. We got a booth so we could pretend it was one of the fifties restaurants of the past.

We started with a tower of onion rings. Sorry no pictures. She had peach tea and I opted for a diet coke. Caffeine without sugar. Then we both chose a Santa Fe Burger. I ordered mine well done and she wanted her medium. I have no desire to have any part of the cow still running while I eat. The only downfall of the day was when I bit into the burger it was pink UGH. The little waitress ask how was everything and in true kitty fashion I showed her my pink burger. She said she could send it back and I in my warped humor fashion said "Please don't spit on it when you bring it back?" The little waitress was pull from our table and two not one managers started waiting on us. When that happen I knew I must dust off my humor and put on my company manners.

The Kitty Justice is when girls just wantta have fun and jest, the world is too damn serious.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bear Mountain 6x12 Gallery canvas.
Soap Factory without the buildings in the background. 12x 16

Center of Baranof Island. 12x36 Gallery canvas

Sleeping 10x14.
I am still painting different scenes from Sitka, Alaska from the photo that Marcel at Sitka Daily Photo has been kind enough to share.
The large 12x36 canvas, I am still working on. I sit my paintings on an easel that I can see while I am at the computer. I use to leave them in the dining room but find they are less apt to get jostled if left here in the library.
The Sleeping canvas, I forgot my photos to paint from one day so I thought why not do something different. No one would think Kitty painted this one. I am thinking about painting a blue parrot over it as it is really not something I would keep. Of course it could be sold. LOL
Usually we have a show in December at the Art Center so I am debating what to hang. We are allowed two paintings each to be submitted. I know I will put one of the Sitka paintings in the show but should I keep Sleeping and show her?
First of all the canvas Sleeping is on is an odd size, so I would have to order the frame and build it or pay an enormous amount to have it done at any of the local frame shops. The last frame I had done at a local shop cost $150.00 plus tax. Most galleries are now taking 50 percent of the asking price.
The Kitty Justice is that the worker, craftsman, artist, farmer, or etc. get very little for their effort. Something is VERY WRONG with this picture. NUF SAID!!!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lynnette has not been coming long but we are all gettin to know her.
Knoxie does wonderful pastel portraits. She does landscapes and also uses acrylic paints but her portraits in pastel are her niche.

Jane did the flowers in the vase for her DIL and was very pleased that she liked it. The others are Hazel's.

Jane takin a break. Darlene and Hazel discussing whatever comes to mind. Hazel loves to sit down and swing that leg up to rest. I only hope when I get 89 I will be able to do the same.

The painting Darlene was working on that day.

This is the painting that Hazel was working on. She changed the rocks many times during the session. She is a Colorist. She uses colors in places other would not venture.
I finished up my small gallery canvas of Bear Mountain. Another one of those delightful photos that Marcel was kind to share. I also finished up the painting of the soap factory in Sitka. Forgive me as I cannot think of the name because it is late and I am definitely a morning person. I am waiting up for Puppy to come from class. He was sick yesterday at work and I must make sure he is okay. Y'all Mothers know the feeling.
I have yet to understand why some people cannot say what they have on their mind instead of DING, DING, DING. My armour has lots of dents from today's barbs. I just keep my mouth shut and think about my Mother. She quoted quite often "If you cannot say something good, then do not say anything at all".
The Kitty Justice is I could have answered those barbs but I would rather be able to look myself in the mirror and console myself I did the right thing. I will continue to use the shield of Peace and not the sword of Pain.