Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Morning. It was 64 degrees when Maggie had to make her first visit outside. Another blissful cool day. However, tomorrow the humidity and hot hot weather is to return. The best thing for those who live here is get out today and enjoy the cool weather and be thankful for the respite.

As luck would have it I have an appointment and will miss most of the time outside but I will be thankful not to melt as I pull in and out of the car.

Now for the plant. I thought Mother had given me some seeds for a sensitive plant but the package has not been open. The package of basil had been opened and I just figured when this foreign plant came up in the mist of the basil that the packages had mixed while secure in their little baggie.

The seed could not have been in the potting soil as I and since it looked like the picture on the package well I assumed (ass u me) that was what it could be. Its stock looks like the stock of an asparagus plant. The fronds look like a miniature palm and in the evening it's leaves fold together and as you can see in the last photo looks like a fuzzy stick.

So is this or is this not a Sensitive Plant. The kitty justice is that someone would assure me that I have not been raising a WEED.


Marcel said...

I have to admit when I opened up your blog I wondered. Not being an expert since I was such a non-conformer in the 60’s and 70’s and did not partake in smoking weed I still say this is not weed. Maybe you should dry some and smoke it just to be sure. LOL

For The People said...

No help here! I believe marcel thinks your a hippie! LOL That is not Marijuana! As to a weed, who know? Not me!

Nancy said...

Looks like a variety of fern to me. Weird, though. Let us know if you ever discover what it is.

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Merle said...

Hi Dianne ~~ No help here either,
though I suspect it may be a Sensitive plant. Glad you had a short break from the heat, but I guess it will be back.
Thank you for the comments, glad you enjoyed the jokes and also the poem.
Shopping day is always a rush to buy
food and medication, but I enjoy getting out of the house. Take care,
my friend, Love Merle. Peace to you.

Lady Di Tn said...

I google Sensitive Plant and this one sure looks alot like the ones shown. Therefore, smoking it is out of the question. LOL I in my mispsent twenties did try the smoke of choice of that time just ONCE and immediately did not like the results therefore, Never did it again. Never could figure out the attraction for others.

Marcel is a little correct about hippie I liked the clothes of that area but not the injestion of all the stuff out there at that time. As I said never found what the attraction could be. Wish others had had the same reaction.

It looks somewhat like the sensitive plants I found on google except, the fronds are longer and not as dense nor do they close to the touch. Therefore since, mine only closes at night time, it has to be related. Maybe the one I have is a hybrid. Google said they orginate from Central America, mainly Brazil. Sure wish I still had the seed package that the basil seeds came out of so I could check where it came from.

I am glad you enjoyed getting out. Your blog is one of my many blessings.

Peace to y'all

Corn Dog said...

It's a funny little plant. Maybe you can name it yourself, like the prayer plant. It keeps folding its leaves up.

Lady Di Tn said...

It so unusual, I will bring it in the house this winter to see if I can keep it alive. Peace

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I don't think it is a sensitive plant but it may be related or even a hybrid. I've never seen anything like it before. I do hope you find out what it is. The next time you are going past the garden center or nursery, take a piece with you and they may be able to identify it for you.

Enjoyed my visit,