Sunday, July 27, 2008

I plan to share a series of photos of this mornings sunrise.
Straight up overhead was the Moon still peeking at me.

The sun has just began to color the few wispy clouds on the horizon.

This view is just a little more to the left.

I tried to get more of the sky color and less land.

I did much better with this one as it is all sky. Yeah.

The first sight of the red ball appearing just over Jackson's hill.
Just a little more red ball.

It changes quickly so I was snapping photos very fast.

I think the sky appears more red as it climbs into the blue sky.

The red glow is now reflecting in the fog in the valley.

Just a little more of the glowing red.
Again I tried for more sky and a little less earth.

I took a glimpse up high to the west which is on the left side and saw the wispy clouds .
The Kitty Justice is that you got to see the sunrise this morning with me. Now where is my coffee.


Lady Di Tn said...

Y'all I did not put any caption under the last photo as that was the last view I saw before I headed into the kitchen for my coffee cup. Peace

For The People said...

Wow, those are some great shots!

Mary said...

Lady Di,

You shot some fabulous photos of that sunrise and thanks for sharing. It is gorgeous. I love seeing the sunrise over the mountains when we visit Tennessee. It's wonderful.

Love and blessings,

Marcel said...


Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Michael.

Thank you. I do love the hills of TN.


Peace to Y'all.

Lilli & Nevada said...

those are beautiful shots i just love these kind of sunsets