Thursday, July 17, 2008

The one day it rained last week, DHL left this package on TOP of our mailbox.

This is the view of the right corner by the front door.

First of all, I have been unable to post as I have been taking care of Mimi. Monday evening she had a chills and a fever. We called the doctor answering service as nothing ever happens during doctors hours. What we had done was in accordance to what he would have done. Prince wanted to take her to the emergency room and Mimi and I both said "NO". I kept vigil until the fever broke. Tuesday she was feeling better but weak. Yesterday, her good leg (right) knee was swollen and she could hardly walk. I called the nurse and the doctor wanted her to come in so he could check her out.

The dilemma was she was so weak, that I knew I could not manage her on my own. I tried calling Cousin but could not get him so Prince called and said he would meet me at the office with a wheel chair that the office furnishes for such occasions. That was a very good thing. She struggled to get in and out of the car and I held my breath. Today she is much better but still not out of the woods.

Therefore, blogging got put on the back burner and I will visit each one sometime soon but as for now I just wanted all of you to know what is happen on the hill.

Now for the box. I am not fond of the carrier DHL. They are the only ones who never come up the drive and come to the front door and leave the package. The other two companies do not have any trouble coming up and they are really careful with the packages. NOT DHL. We have an oversize mailbox so packages can be put in side without any problem. We got a heavy rain last Wednesday and the driver did not bring the package up and was too lazy to even put it in the mailbox. It was a hit and run delivery as he/she sat it on top of the box IN THE RAIN. It was not put in a plastic bag to insure that whatever was inside did not get soak.

The articles inside where ruined and when I saw the box, I was like a bull seeing a red banner. These were the cards I had done of my artwork. I immediately called the vendor and they apologized and sent replacements. The box arrived by the same carrier and luckily it was not raining however, on a sunny day they put the box in the mailbox. Still they did not drive up the driveway and deliver it in person.

The Kitty Justice is we are blessed that Mimi is getting better. Also, thankful it was not a big hassle to get the cards replaced even with the customer service representative who lives far far away and her English was hard to understand. However, me paws will get slammed today as I will have to bare my claws to the Insurance Company. Wish me luck.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

Is the carrier DHL not responsible for the contents of the package if their driver was negligent? That is plain laziness. He/she could have put it in the mailbox and at least it would have been protected. I would be calling them with a complaint - to head office.

I wish you luck with the insurance company. I'm so sorry that your cards were ruined but am glad they could be replaced.

I have put Mimi on my prayer list.


Marcel said...

I’m glad that Mimi is better. I hope she keeps improving under your care.

Sorry about the DHL. Unless I’m wrong any mail box that is supposed to be used for US Mail is not supposed to be used by other’s. Maybe that is why DHL will not put their deliveries in to box. But, they could sure come on up to your home.

My son who lives down a ¼ mile trail occasionally has UPS walk down with deliveries. Now that is service. I wonder what DHL would do in that case? I’d guess leaver in on the ground at the head of the trail.

Have a great weekend.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for adding Mimi to the list. She is slowly improving. I am still doing alot for her but I am thankful that I can do so. I had better luck with the Insurance than expected now to deal with the doctors claim department. How come Insurance rules the world?

She is slowly getting better. I am keeping a close eye on her.
If that company continues to get unhappy responses about DHL maybe they will hire a more reliable one like UPS or Fedex. Those two companies have never had a problem driving up our drive and coming to the door. I know I will never ever use them for a delivery of mine.

Peace to you both.