Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Sisters are done. I worked on the contrasts and clouds on the right plus painted the scene around the edges since this is a gallery wrap canvas. This is one of the one I am thinking of submitting for the December show.
This is the sunrise taken from our back porch this morning. Yeah we have some clouds acting as earth's umbrella to shade us from that big hot ball in the sky.

This is a sunset out front taken in March. We can see only glimmer of the colors in the summer due to the leaves on the trees.
Therefore, you can see why I post sunrises instead of sunsets. When we get to the lake we have the reverse and that is where I can take pretty sunsets but no sunrises.
Mimi is better but still on the weak side. She is a "MY DO IT" (quote from Puppy's first sentences) but I have noticed this week she is asking us to do more for her, which without her saying makes me aware that she is not back to her old self yet.
This morning in my drug induced slumber, Maggie jumped up to get on the bed at the exact time I threw myself up and out of the comfortable cocoon. Both of us were shocked into reality. Nothing like being hit with an eighty pound dog with one eye open. It confused her and stun me.
When I took Maggie out this morning, I was pleasantly surprised. Yeah, thanks for the cool down. It was like stepping into a slice of refreshing heaven. A gentle breeze made the skirt of my robe caress my legs. One of the first things I do out of habit is look up into the trees and sky checking for my feathered friends.
Maggie was still confused and headed down the drive at record speed to get the paper. Now, Prince usually takes the paper off the roadside and up the driveway about 35 feet so Maggie will not get close to a busy road. That brought me immediately out of my skyward dreaming and I headed pass the horse block so I could see her. Just as she got to the paper, a dump truck came up the hill from highway 100 and around the curve. Maggie grabbed the paper and headed to the roadside where I planted the day lilies. How soon apprehension can turn into relief.
After Maggie's payment (one piece of beggin strip and a dog biscuit) I took my first cup of coffee and some fresh water for the birdbath out on the back porch. I took a sip and here came a female hummingbird within three feet of where I sat. I wonder if she thought she had hit the Mother load of flower, a giant pink one at that. I must have blinked as she backed off and chirped at me in disgust. Or was my imagination running wild AGAIN. As I continue to enjoy the first taste of starting fuel, I spied a black cap chickadee enjoying a safflower seed. I made a mental note to put out some more later today after the morning feast.
The kitty justice is not to spring from bed at the same time your dog begins her flight to join you in bed.


For The People said...

Very nice post! Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by my place!

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I love your Sisters painting and think you are wise to include it in the show. It will bring rave reviews.

The photos of both the sunrise and sunset are beautiful. You live in such a picturesque area. Just beautiful.

We're hoping to be done the renovations the 1st of July. It will be a relief to have it all done. All that's left to do know is the skimming of the large bedroom, painting, the plumber and the laying of the carpets. It's all coming together finally.

It is much cooler here today as well. A welcome relief from all of the heat and humidity of last week.

Take care, enjoy the beauty around you and the cooler weather.


Marcel said...

I very much like the Sisters. I was by your blog quickly this morning, but did not have time to write anything. I’ve got a few minutes this afternoon so I swung back by to say nice job.

I’m glad the temps cooled off too.

Nancy said...

Lovely painting! Good choice for the show! All over, a very lovely post! The sunrise and sunset photos were so pretty....God's paintings!

The story about you and Maggie colliding in bed made me smile! Never know what a pet will do or when!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

LZ Blogger said...

Lady Di ~ I love that shot of the sunrise (sunset?) With the all of the Red in it, I would say RISE! It is beautiful which ever it is! ~ jb///

Jeanette said...

Gday Lady Di,
Love your painting I agree Good choice.. love the colours.
Great pics of Sunrise and Sunset....

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and back at you. Peace

Thanks. I usually sat paintings that I finish or working on in the library on an easel where I can look at it while on the computer. Today, I think I need to work on the so called finished product of the sisters. I am still not very happy with the sky on the right side. I guess I thought I was finished. Glad to hear the major renovations are just about over for you. Peace

Thanks and glad you returned to comment.Peace

Thanks. What is so strange about the collision is that Maggie does not jump up on the bed unless invited. Maybe in my slumber I invited her before I sprang awake.

Thanks. The hills are on the back side of the house in the east, so that was a rise and the sun going down behind the trees was what little we get of a sunset. In summer we get only glimpsie of color as the leaves move on the trees. Peace

Thanks. Painting those snowy pictures in summer has helped with the heat. Peace