Thursday, July 03, 2008

When you step out of the kitchen and look left, this is what you will see.

At the end of the porch is my tiny garden. These are the raspberry vines on the lower end.

This is one of the three squash plants that are located in my little garden. So far we have had three meals from these plants and I have some in the fridge to cook up and place on the table tonight.
I had some of the raspberries with yogurt to break the fast this morning.
The round pot on the table, I had a beautiful bunch of lettuce coming up. It had gotten to about an inch high and yesterday, I went out to find only stems sticking up. Green worms were everywhere. I know they have to eat too but my lettuce. Needless to say, I was very unkind to them. In the pot by the geraniums, I now have the sensitive plant growing. It looks like a strange palm and at night all the fronds fold up. I will take pictures soon.
At this point, I have looked closely at my green thumb as it appears to be fading. So far only 4 jalapeno peppers, 2 banana pepper and 1 bell pepper have been harvested. Yes, I did fertilize them. No tomatoes yet but there are a few green orbs on the plants. Our neighbor said he had had two already. With all the trees on the hill, it is hard to find full sun all day long so I am gonna believe that is my problem and not my thumb.
The blackberries on the upper side of the garden are beginning to turn black. These are thorn less tame berries. Again, I will put pictures of them on a later post. We have lots of wild blackberries and Prince cut a path near them so if I care to don my carharts, I can go pick them. He said they are beginning to dry up since we have not had any rain.
The weather man is predicting rain during our 4Th. Lots of cookouts will get wet. Prince's Brother will be whipping up some of his famous barbecue ribs and probably some wings. Our contribution will be potato salad , jalapeno corn muffins and wedges of watermelon. Some how the 4Th is the only time I really wish to eat watermelon. Kind of a tradition. Do you have a food tradition for the 4Th of July?
The kitty justice is Ed usually cooks enough for us to bring home and freeze for another meal.


Merle said...

Dear Lady Di ~~Your garden seems to be doing very well. It's lovely to be able to pick and cook things from the garden. So much nicer than bought
produce. I love blackberries and bought 4 jars of them the other day at the Factory Outlet. I didn't know
that Paul Harvey was a radio announcer. I wonder what else he wrote. Must look on the net.
Glad you gota smile here. Yake care,
Love, Merle. Peace to you.

Anonymous said...

Are they thornless raspberries? I like to get some like that. I did get some thornless blackberry bushes and those two are doing quite well so far.

Nice blog you have here. I really have enjoyed my visit.

Lady Di Tn said...

The garden is doing fair but if we get some rain, it will take off and produce. I feel the same about berries. Paul Harvey came on the radio daily here for years and years. You can always bring a smile to my face and often a chuckle from my lips. Peace

Welcome Abe. No the raspberries have little fish hook thorns. Nasty little beggers if they get under your skin. I wish they were thornless like the blackberries. No one told me that raspberries were so prolific and I have had to cut them back and a path down the middle several times and they just ignore my efforts and continue to take over that part of my world and the path in the middle disappears before I even turn around good. Y'all come back any time and thanks for the compliment. Peace

Marcel said...

Thanks for the tour and have a great 4th, rain or shine.

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you enjoyed the tour. Peace