Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am gonna steal the first line of Simply Joys post called "Golden Moment". She starts out "My life has been a dirt road journey strewn with golden moments"
I think this lady says it better than most and more genuine than any other blog I read. I wish to thank Changes in the Wind for directing me to such a wonderful blog. She says it short and precise and gets more into one paragraph than I could put forth in a five page essay.
I truly delight in going there and finding a new post and listen to those wise words and feelings. My hat is off to you girl. Yes, you are a girl in a mature wise woman's frame.
I shall share one of my golden moments with all of you. The morning visit from the butterfly and hummingbird. I know the photo is not as fantastic as Abe's hummer he posted on his My Bird Blog but I bet I was just as thrilled to capture the image as he. I have fallen in love with Abe's love affair with the camera. He keeps creating blogs and I am having trouble keeping up but if you visit him remember he is part CAMERA.
The Kitty Justice is I have told of my addiction to the above blogs but I still click on Sitka Daily Photo first.


Marcel said...

Wow, I’m honored that you would click on my blog first. Thanks! I feel my blog is a real failure compared to Abe’s blogs.

As a partially retried guy, or supposed to be retired I’m finding that I’m working as long and hard as ever. I guess that’s construction. Anyway this week I’ve been slacking with only 10 or 11 hour days compared to the 12 to 14 the previous two weeks. Of course being self employed there is always paperwork and other business stuff to take care of so that adds 1 or 2 hours of work a day. The long and the short is that I do not have much time to cruise around the blogs like I would like to. And, I don’t have time to take or put together much for my Sitka Daily Photo.

I have to admit I was a tad naive about how much time it would take to do a good job with a daily photo blog. So, considering that I’m only putting a few minutes a day into the blog, I’m extra pleased that you would click on my blog first. Thanks!!

Just to let you know I also enjoy stopping by your blog and I do like the photos today!

Anonymous said...

Oh geeze, Marcel.

Your photo of the butterflies sharing your hummingbird feeder is much like

she has up. It also has a butterfly taking over and making the male hummer wait. LOL

These are nice photographs. You need to toot your horn.

Changes in the wind said...

I have never seen a butterfly feeder:) Thanks for sharing and your kind words.

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful shots. I cannot seem to capture a humming bird yet. Close...but no cigar!! It is so true that there are so many excellent nature blogs that we have just got to keep plugging along. BTW You have a GREAT blog. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Ha ha you sound like me. I need to get a day job so I can have more time. I swear when I worked I had more time. I hit the ground running at 5AM and do not stop until after dinner which is usually 7PM so I can understand. Do not compare your blogs to Abes because he is part camera. Your photos of Sitka are really nice and heck if you do not have time to say much just post the picture with a small caption. We mature people understand long work days can make us tired. I like starting my blog surfing with a place I love ALASKA. Thanks for sharing it with us. Peace

I am honored for you to say my photos are good since yours are PERFECT. I will visit as many blogs that you write in order to learn from the Master. Peace

Thank you for the many good reads when I come over to visit. I also feed Downey Woodpeckers from the feeders but they are really had to capture. Prince did last year and I think I posted one or two of his efforts.

Thank you for tooting my horn. I know there are so many good ones to read and with limited time, I have to pick and choose but I also surf yours to see what is happen in your neck of the woods. Your photos are really good too. Peace

I keep looking down my body and no camera parts are showing yet so Abe how many years before I get a lense?

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I love visiting Sitka Daily Photos. Marcel always has awesome photos on his blog. Yours of the hummingbirds are awesome as well.

Your blog always leaves me with a sense of tranquility. Thank you for making my days.


Lady Di Tn said...

You are so kind and I am thankful of the friends we have become. When I am surfing blogland yours is one I read even if I do not have time to make comments. Peace