Thursday, August 14, 2008

Looking down the road into Spencer, TN.

Land Company as you enter the center of town.

Land Company with an old building which I thought had character.

Across the street from the Land Company was the Court House.

Old home used as a place to store and old tractor and other old equipment. I named it "Better Times."

Next door to "Better Times" was Dixie Service Center.

Back to the start but a look at the other side of the road. The sidewalk on the left goes up to the Court House.
Prince had wanted to show me Spencer since the first time he and Gil went to see Tommy. Tommy got thrown out of the Care Facility in Dickson for tossing a chair at an inmate. It took Tommy's family calling twenty something other places before one would accept him. Thus why he is now in Spencer.
Prince and Gil always stop and get Tommy some McDonald coffee in Sparta along with some cigarettes. I think Tommy is now in his third room at Spencer. Since his stroke you never know if Jekyll or Hide will greet you in Tommy's body. Steve had ridden his bike up and met us out front.
First of all, I was not prepared to see how much older and frail Tommy has become. Remember he is one month older than Prince. We came into the lobby, not so bad. Then enter by way of a number code to where the inmates are kept.
We were greet by an inmate named Brenda and she was in a wheel chair but very cheerful. Prince and Gil greeted her by name and she told us that Tommy was in the cafeteria eating. He was sitting at a table with his back to us so I snuck up and hugged his neck. He was so surprise to look up and see us . He was quick to say, what a nice surprise. He took his coffee and drew a big swig and told us how good it tasted. Then he wanted to leave and visit on the outside so he could have a cigarette. He had a few crumbs on his face and I took his bib and gently wiped off his mouth and chin and thoughts of Dad came tumble in like a title wave. Tommy said "Thank you Mam."
We took him out in the smoking area under a gazebo and a black man and a tiny white guy who could only mumble came out right behind us. The black man asked for a cigarette and Gil gave him one and was lighting it when a custodian came out and said we were not suppose to give him any cigarettes. Found out later that they have official smoke breaks and only two cigarettes are allow to each in mate. The black guy reluctantly left with the big lady but never lost his jolly disposition. The little white guy was ushered back inside but somehow slip out again where we were. He was picking up cigarette's buds and eating them. Tommy said he would just walk into the fence and fall down and hurt himself , so Tommy asked Gil to get him back inside.
At 2PM is one of the official smoke breaks, and when it came time about 20 in mates( I refer to them thus because that is what Tommy calls them) came shuffling, wheeling out. A tiny little white girl had a plastic box full of the contraband on the young man's lap that I had seen at the desk when we came in. He never said a word and the other young man both who were in their twenties could walk but could not use his hands. The girl put a fireproof bib on the later and proceed to dole out the cigarettes. Looking around at each one, I wondered what there life had been like before fate took a wrong turn. The two young men tugged at my heartstrings because if they lived a long life they were trapped in this existence for years.
One large man on a walker did not like the jolly black man and used four letter words to try antagonize. The black man rolled his eyes and took another puff of his smoke and the large man was chided for his behavior by several people which only made him more belligerent and then the girl calmed him down. As for me I was ready to run for the doorway if a fight started.
Tommy wanted to go out front and the guys did not know if it was allowed so I just went up to a caretaker and asked. Why do men not ask? She said he could so off we went. Prince rode him up and down the parking lot because Tommy said it helped his back. I tried to get the guys to have a race pushing Tommy but I did not get any taker. Tommy thought that rather funny.
We finally took him back to his room and a girl man handled him into his bed. As we were leaving an in mate who was laying in a bed at the end of Tommy's hallway, had wet himself and the floor. I told the guys to watch their step.
The Kitty Jusitce is I got to walk out and breath the taste of freedom while those katz will end their ninth life there.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that is the swing I sat on to take the chipmunk photographs. It is one I built.

Nice photography.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thanks for the tour. Blessings to Tommy.

Marcel said...

I like the photos, but I do not care to have a 9th life like the one you wrote about. Before I get that way I think I'll wonder off into the mountains and just stay there.

Changes in the wind said...

Loved the pictures of your town...I too came from a small town and there is so much history you can recall as you wander through. Sad story but glad you took the time to visit, am sure it was appeciated.

Lady Di Tn said...

From you Abe, I appreciate the compliment on the photos. Yours are works of art. Peace

Glad you like the little town of Spencer. Tommy and all who reside in the walls of Care Facilities need our Blessings. Peace

Tell me which Mountain and I will join you there. I want to go to the park, Falls Creek Falls and see what it looks like again. I have not been there in thirty years. Peace

the little town of Spencer is up on Spencer Mountain and the scenery is beautiful. I want to go back in the fall after the leaves drop and see how far one can see.
Prince and Gil have been very loyal friends and go to see Tommy quite often. I am still haunted by the look in their eyes. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Maybe the Care Facility should be called 'I've seen better times'. Nice little old town. Sad about the inmates. My husband had a stroke and I took care of him at home for 4 years and then he got worse and had to go to a Better Times Facility and that did him in. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I am so sorry. Peace.

Mary said...

Lady Di,

What a wonderful tour of Spencer. I love the photos. The Land Office is a beautiful building. I love the windows.

Tommy's story is sad but I'm sure he was delighted that you went to visit. Many people in facilities are forgotten. I will keep Tommy in my prayers.


Lady Di Tn said...

I agree with you Spencer is a charming little town. Being the curious kitty that I am, I would love to explore the buildings on the inside too.
Thanks for putting Tommy in your prayers, he and the others need those prayers.
I think it should be a required high school course to have to go for six weeks to Care facilites so maybe our youth would be more compassionate. What do you think?