Saturday, August 30, 2008

When I went to Home Depot to find a new facet for the kitchen sink, I made the mistake of going to look at the plants. The color and markings of these yelled "BUY ME" and as you can see I surcomed to the voice.

Most of the house plants I have are green and some purple but I did not have any of these. My multiple of plants, I have potted to give away. I still like re potting the aloe plants. I bet when I get done I will have a dozen or more to give away.
I pass them out to friends and family with the hopes they have a good home and make someone happy.
I have this big plant commonly known as "Mother In Law's Tongue" or some folks refer to it as "Snake Plant" and it is in a twelve inch pot and needs re potting. I hope to get a nice big plastic pot for it so it will not be so heavy. Also, I need to get a rolling tray for it as I did for my lemon and orange trees. I have yet to get any fruit on these little trees. Can anyone tell me what I need to do? While at the depot I looked for citrus food but none was there.
The kitty justice when I start preparing my houseplants to return inside this fall I may wish again to not have so many. (I think it is still under a hundred at the moment)


Small City Scenes said...

I try to stay away from the house plant section. I used to have maybe as many as you do now but not any more. I think i got tired of caring for them and it was fun to gift them and see the enjoyment of others. When I worked at the Nursery one of my sections was the house plant area. Oh there are some real beauties. MB

Maria said...

Oh you must have a large house then ;)
I also have many houseplants, but not so many because we live in a flat with out a veranda or a garden. Two of my plants are already 2 meters high.
Have a nice weekend!

Lady Di Tn said...

You are a WISE woman and I need to take a key from you. They are really easy to take care of once inside but it is the taking the plants in and out that does me in. Maybe next year, I should just leave them inside. Peace

Welcome. My FIL built this house in the sixty and one of his buddies came over and made the statement "Look like a wife killer to me." All the windows make it easy to grow and keep plants. One side gets the morning sun and the other the afternoon and I just have to find out where the plants are the happiest. Peace

Marcel said...

Hi Lady Di,

I got a good chuckle out of your post on my blog today.

I had a very busy week so did not have much time to wonder around the blogs. I like the photos of your yard and I think it is very nice of you to give away potted plants. I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day.

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad to make you laugh. Take care and do not work too hard. Peace