Thursday, December 31, 2009

It is foggy this morning. No sun on the horizon and you cannot even see the trees. It is as if we awoke today in the clouds.
It rained all night and today the temperature is to drop. Prince took his last day of vacation but the weather is not fitting to work outdoors.
Puppy has settled into the cabin and in his words "loving it."
Mimi is moving really well and getting over the sniffle.
Maggie just knows it is another day and we got up early so she could do her job. She goes and gets the paper each morning.
Sam Cat has been out and about since all our Christmas company left yesterday. He likes to roll around on the carpet as if to say "Once again the house is mine." He is not a very sociable cat. He hides until company leaves.
Hopefully the top of the Monster tree can be undecorated today and we can have our annual throw the tree off the top porch.
I wish all of y'all a very Happy New Year. If you were here in Nashville you could go downtown to the Hard Rock Cafe and watch the giant guitar drop 80 feet at midnight.
The Kitty Justice is when you awake tomorrow it will be 2010. Start the new year with a smile and a light heart. Peace be with y'all today and always.

Monday, December 28, 2009

We had just gotten back home from our last minute shopping on Christmas Eve, when we hear a huge crash behind the log cabin. The wind gust were about 50 or 60 miles an hour. Now this dead oak was on the edge of the old road going to the white barn and it blew up the hill.

Cousin Bill came to bring a few presents and he told us that a dead oak along the woods line below the old road had blown down (yep it was up hill) and he got out and got the large branches out of the driveway. Prince went to look to see if any more limbs needed to be moved and before he got half way up the driveway, SNAP.

The large beach tree about 15 feet below the drive on the hillside had snapped off. This is the next morning afterwards. When I went to look that night, Prince's truck and Brenda's SUV were being used as spotlights and it looked like a giant octopus had landed over the driveway.

As you can tell it snapped several feet above ground. and yes it blew up hill, hit a large limb on a big oak beside it and almost uprooted a cedar tree in it way down to earth.
This is looking down the hill at the large trunk.

When I went down the driveway to check out the boys progress, this old hickory was leaning. Puppy announced it had gone over when they finished getting the driveway clear.

This is looking up the driveway at the hickory that fell.
When the beach tree snapped off and blocked the driveway it had already gotten dark. Prince, Puppy and Lewis went down with tools in hand to see if they could clear the driveway. Brenda went down and helped with the limbs and had her lights on her SUV to help light up the area. A good Samaritan stopped and said he had a new chain saw. He went home and came back and made quick work with the remaining limbs. You see Prince had not put on his new chain on his chain saw. Three hours after the tree fell, the boys came in and Bill was free to head on his way.
May God Bless the young man who came and offered his help.
The kitty justice is always have a new chain on your saw and never go anywhere when the wind BLOWS.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My best present ,Linda, has come to visit. Maggie greets her at the door.

Linda gave Maggie this bone and Maggie snarled at everyone to leave her alone with this yummy treat. I have never seen her act this way.

Linda was tickled as we were starting dueling cameras.

Arna, Linda's mother with her new dog. It sounded like a real puppy. I did not show it too much interest, as Maggie was already to interested in it for my peace of mind.

Kitty in her red kimono, a present from Linda.

Puppy, Paul and Prince wanting the photo op over so they could head back down to the football game.

Mimi in her Christmas red.

Linda and Puppy in their annual Christmas photo.

Linda and Kitty in front of the fire, in the downstairs den.

The Mitchell's tree is always a pleasant sight.
The Kitty Justice is to wish all of you a very good night and I sure hope Santa Claus comes to your house tonight. Peace

Friday, December 18, 2009

This is last years photo of Linda and Puppy. Puppy is in the process of moving into the log cabin and Linda is on her way to Tennessee. When Puppy was small he thought that Santa was a 4ft 10inch lady from Georgia. She is my oldest and dearest friend and we only get one day at Christmas. It is a Christmas tradition that really starts the festivities of the season. Up until she arrives it is like a lull in the season. We put our heads together and enjoy the day to the fullest.
I have been very busy cleaning up the log cabin so it will be ready for Puppy to move into. It was funny as I got an email about dusting from Mary at Mary's Writing Nook. I had to LOL at the subject since that is what I have been fighting with dust mop and dust rags for the last couple of days.
It is already past ten at night and Prince and Puppy have not returned with the last load. Now to start putting everything in place. Puppy wants to use my Grandpa's old iron bed, so that will probably be the first order of business tomorrow. We will put the bed he was using in the bedroom where we have the iron bed now. I think it rather neat that he would choose that bed since it was the one that Prince and I slept in when we first were married and lived in the log cabin.
The cabin is where Puppy spent the first two and half years of his life. We had his baby bed in one corner and we had the iron bed in the other corner of the middle floor. He wishes to sleep on the top floor and use the middle floor for a entertainment area and then the living, bath and kitchen on the first floor. It will be interesting to see how he fixes the cabin up and I am willing to help him do whatever it takes to make it comfortable.
There are four rows of shelves in the living area on the first floor and I look forward to see what he will place on those shelves and what kind of wall hangings he will use.
The kitty justice is this will be the being of the Christmas season with Linda's visit and Puppy is coming home to the hill.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This photo was taken in May 2008 as I came out of the May Art Ventures luncheon. The buildings are much larger than they appear. We refer to them as the Bullet Building and the Batman Building. Last month a French Magazine named the Batman Building in the top twelve buildings in the world. Wow!
When you say Nashville people automatically think of country music but now you can also think Batman. Building of course.
On NFL football at night when the Titans play at home, watch for our famous building.
The kitty justice is you never know what else you might see of Nashville.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cat and Knoxie at Art Venture luncheon in December. I sat beside Knoxie.
Peaches, the Artist of the painting I brought home, and also one of the hostess at the December luncheon.

This is Peaches painting on tile that I got in the dirty Santa game. You see this is a wonderful part of the December luncheon. Each Artist brings an orginal piece of artwork wrapped.We each draw a number before the game starts and I got number twelve. The gift can be stolen twice but the third time it was retired. It was my intent to get a watercolor this year but when it came my turn, I did not wish to pick one that could not be stolen. I had patiently counted each one that was stolen so I knew which ones I could steal without anyone taking it from me. I have always wanted a Peaches painting and what a better way than to steal it.

The Monster tree has been decorated. On Friday evening, Puppy made a visit for dinner. I had not planned on anything as Prince was having to work late and Mimi and I were gonna eat leftovers or whatever else we could locate in the frig. I got busy and made tacos and we had been given a pecan pie from one of Mimi's oldest neighbor and friend. Afterwards, Puppy said he would help me with the lights.
We were on our last string of lights, when all I saw was GREEN AND MORE GREEN. The tree had fallen on me. Puppy grabbed it and it did not knock me down but would have if he had not been so quick. The tree stand was full of water. So off I went to get old towels to mop up the floor. We began again and once more it fell and Puppy grabbed it again and when he sat it up, over it came again. He had a test he needed to study for so he left the Monster tree propped up against the window. The full side of the tree to the window. Prince did not get home until 2AM Saturday and before he went to sleep I told him about the tree so he knew we would have tree duty on Saturday.
As Prince slept Saturday morning I heard the tree hit the floor for the fourth time. When he got up he propped it up with the ladder. He went to Home Depot to pick up some large stepping stones, 8x12 width and two inches thick. We put them on the back side of the tree and then tugged on her on all sides. She barely wigged so I broke out the Christmas ornaments and snowflakes. Mimi would sit and put the hangers in the ornaments and I would go up and down the ladder to place them. Then down again to see where one was needed. I had intended to put icicles on the tree but after the second day of decorating the Monster Tree, I declared her finished.
The Kitty Justice is when you get a Christmas tree off a hillside, make sure it is not a Monster Tree.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is the beautiful Madonna that graces the dinning room table this Christmas. My friends and family have been adding me to their prayers with the request I would get good news and it happen on Thursday. You see I had been taking care of others and forgot to schedule a mammogram last year therefore it had been two years when I went in late November. I got the call that I needed an ultrasound as they had found a suspicious spot on my right breast. For the next couple of weeks, the unknown would crept up on me like a thug with a bat and hit me that the place could or could not be something to worry about. The big C is very apparent on my Mother's side of the family. Before the tech left the room with films in hand, she stated "that the radiologist might come in and make more if they did not like the ones she had made and it was nothing to worry about but a normal procedure. " When she came back and told me it was a cyst and it was nothing to worry about and they would watch it and if it got bigger etc -----all I heard was Nothing to worry about and they would see me next year. I now know how it feels to win the lottery without winning. When I drove out of the garage to head home, the sun was shining the brightest ever and a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
The kitty justice is not to forget to be THANKFUL for all things we take for granted.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Prince brought this lovely, large poinsettia home on December 7Th. It's red leaves are larger than my hand. He had to go help out at the Hospital in Murfreesboro and there is a really nice place nearby that has the healthiest and prettiest plants Last years Poinsettia was put out in my flower bed in the spring and it had grown taller than the new crape myrtles and did not succumb to the weather until last week.
The kitty justice is to enjoy this one that long.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Prince took Puppy on his first hunt for a Christmas tree to cut. They also cut another one for our neighbors.
We usually get a cut tree but buy it from a local store or the boy scouts but this year, Prince wanted to go back to his youth and hunt a tree.
This tree was at least a foot too tall for our nine foot ceiling. I climbed a ladder and trimmed the top so I can put the Angel in place.
They cut a good four feet off the tree before bringing it into the house.
A tree always looks smaller outside than it will be when brought inside.
The Kitty Justice is I will need help to decorate this big guy.
P. S. Sam Cat has already approved of its existence.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Today others remember Pearl Harbor and so do I but today also is one of the most happiest days of my life. This is the day I became Mrs. Prince. 1985 was the beginning of my fairly tale life. Each day since has been more magical than the day before.
My dear sister never forgets my anniversary. I think she is so happy for me because she thought I would be a single kat forever. Shucks, I was just waiting for my Prince. All the others were real frogs. Yuck.
One of my co workers at the insurance company were I was employed told me one day "She would rather be dead than single at 24." Since I was WAY past that I told her "There are worse things than living alone."
I had made up my mind I would be single forever, then as fate would have it, I was introduced to Prince and the story book began.
He said he went by this cup and it caught his eye as those three words described me. I on the other hand, had my friend's son deliver Prince a load of wood so he would not have to work so hard. Besides what is more romantic than to snuggle up in front of a roaring fire.
The Kitty Justice is that each of you find your Prince.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

When you step through the front door this scene will greet you. I have no idea how old this Nativity Scene happens to be but it has been around since before my time on the hill.
This is a close up of the large Angel to the right of the Nativity Scene.

This is a close up of another one of my cross stitch works. I have been toying with the idea of putting this in a larger ornate frame. Do you this I should?

Underneath the table is a sleigh filled with a decorated tree pulled by one gold reindeer. Then we have a snowman, a ladder for Santa and Santa himself. The Santa hat is covering my fountain. I let Maggie wear it while I decorated the house. No she was not fond of it.

After you come in and look to your right down the hallway you will see the flower Prince got me is still doing well. I stuck it into a gold candle holder. Luckily the pot just fit and then surrounded it with a yarn wreath decorated with a silver bow and silver Angels.

At the end of the hall I have gold poinsettias in some vases with a wooden Santa in between them. A big ornament in my glass bowl made it look festive. Down below is a sleeping Angel.

On the red trunk across from the flower above, I put a red poinsettia arrangement and added a old Santa and Nutcracker. A little candy dish and the gold ball.
This was all I did to the hallway this year. Usually , I continue down the left side but I thought better of it this year. I spent most of the time putting out snowmen and Santa's in the living room to the point it looks like a novelty store has blown up in our living room. OOPS
The Kitty Justice when I start decorating it is hard to know when to stop.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Log Cabin is ready for Puppy to move in. He will move back to the hill this month.

I never know what to do with this so this year I wrapped it in garland and hung the old sleigh bells. I wrapped the leather with red ribbon.
My favorite yard art is decorated with garland, nut wreath, red ribbons and poinsettia.

The old seeder has a grape vine wreath with poinsettia and a different bow.

Candy canes, reindeer and white tree are in my flower bed to greet folks when they come to the hill.
Just decorated the mail box yesterday and it was getting dark so I did not take a photo. It has a candy cane with greenery and red poinsettia facing the road and when you come down the driveway as you leave the hill there is a red heart with Merry Christmas painted in white.
I just CRINGE when people say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas."
So the Kitty Justice is not to be Politically correct. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving has come and gone. This year Mimi had all of her children, four out of six grand kids, two DIL and her oldest nephew to share our meager fare. I had worked for two days on the food and it quickly disappeared. I fixed two turkey breast, dressing, gravy, rice, sweet potato casserole, french green beans with almonds, cranberry salad and rolls. Our neighbors brought over dessert, a raspberry elegance cake and Bep (Mimi's daughter) brought a carmel cake. Both cakes were topped with french vanilla ice cream. What did you have for Thanksgiving?
As you can see Maggie's nose is much better and she is no longer a cone head. Her nose is still not completely black but I hope time will fix that. Yep, I need to have that window replaced but that is on my to do list for 2010.

Meet Oliver. He is one of my newest forms of yard art. He was under piles of old wood at the old farm house. I think he will show off my crape myrtles very handsomely.

A close up of the working Oliver. Can you imagine how many rows have been plowed by him? Wonder what names the mules had that pulled the plow or how many steps by man were made who followed him?

Another find in the ditch going down pass the red barn. When we worked on that fallen tree we saw this great machinery all tied down with grape vines. We went down on the farm with the mission of only retrieving it, but as you saw earlier we happen on much more wonderful finds. Prince thinks this is a home made as we could not locate any name. It was drug along behind a mule or tractor (probably mule) and the railroad spikes(some are missing) were used to smooth out the field. Do you think I have figured it out? The wheel in the photo was already at the foot of the pole to decorate my iris bed so I just hung it on one of the many spikes .

A close up look at the monster chain that was used to pull this piece of machinery.
I spent one day decorating the outside but have yet to figure out a plan for these new finds. Whenever I come up with an idea I will take photos.
I am glad I got most of the outside decorated on Sunday because this morning it was thirty degrees and frost. When I looked outside it was a fairy land of white. Sorry no photos. Sometimes I just enjoy and do not take time for photos.
Yesterday I ran a marathon up and down the stairs bringing boxes of Christmas decorations up and then empty boxes back to their home in the basement.
When it came time to fix dinner, my legs were so tired, I drug the kitchen stool up next to the stove and fixed chili. I left the clean up detail to Prince and Mimi and went downstairs one more time(yes, I took another empty box down) and proceeded to sit down in my recliner prop my feet up and RELAX.
The kitty justice is that Christmas has arrived on the Hill.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gracie, Dot, and John in front of the log house. Gracie wanted to see where her Mother had slept when she was a little girl visiting her Grandmother. She took Gracie upstairs and showed her where she and her brother would sleep when visiting Gran Dot, her grandmother.

Four Generations. Cousin Bill known as Grandaddy Bill to Gracie, his daughter, Dot, Mimi and Gracie peeking out from behind Mimi.
Gracie and her parents live in Ft. Worth and came up for a short visit. Saturday evening I fixed baked spaghetti, a green salad, a fruit salad and french bread sliced in rounds with spices.
Cousin Bill supplied the ice cream, and cupcakes (Gracie's favorite) and a few bottles of wine along with the bread.
I served cheese straws and seedless red grapes before dinner.
It was Gracie's first time on the hill and we hope we made it a time to remember.
Maggie's noses is getting much better which I am very thankful.
I thought I would not have any holly berries left because when I arose Saturday morning and took Maggie out for her morning walk, I heard all this commotion in the holly tree out front and it was full of cedar wax wings. However, they only ate those berries out front and this morning they were gone . Usually those funny little birds stay until all the berries are gone.
The kitty justice is we enjoyed Gracie and her folks and the cedar wax wings forgot about the holly berries in the trees out in the back yard.