Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dianthius (probably spelled wrong)
I have no idea what these are, do you ?

Lambs ear. Will bloom shortly.


Snowballs. I am proud that this bush survived because two years ago with the Easter freeze and the summer drought, I thought I had lost it.

Mimi brought one sprig of this ground cover home years ago from Monteagle and we call it Opie's ground cover as that is the lady who gave it to her. Got lots of Japanese iris that will bloom later and the lillies of the valley in the background.

Closer look at the ground cover.

Miss Mary gave Mimi a little bush and I do not know its name either. The flowers are a pale blue. Each year it gets a little bigger but not much. Any suggestion?
The kitty justice is I have lots to learn about the new toy but oh what fun and I will share with you my meager efforts.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Red Breasted Grosbeak and Red Bellied Woodpecker.OOPS, the red on the pecker wood is not on his belly. Sometimes, I wonder about the names.
Another view.

He was none to happy to get his picture taken.

I capture three at one time. Good job. Pat meself on the back.

Downy woodpecker. I had to save one the other day from the garage. I sat him by the bird bath and it took a few seconds for him to recover after trying to fly through the garage window.

Hi, am I not one of the prettiest birds you have ever seen.

Check out the photos of my new point and shoot. I am still trying to master it but I have lots of time to do so. I had told Prince I would like a new camera but did not expect to get it so soon. We went to look and then we bought.
The kitty justice is that is Happy Mother's Day, and the rest of the years occasions wrapped up in a fine new toy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mimi's oldest niece, is the mother of Rufus and Dickie. They keep the world in awe of their wonderful animals. You may have ridden one of their mules down the Grand Canyon, or took a ride in a buggy in New Orleans. These wonderful cousins went and got the mules when Katrina hit New Orleans and kept them on their farm safe from harm.
The kitty justice if you have not been acquainted with a mule, you have missed out on a very intelligent creature.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Burpday to my oldest niece. I will not tell you her age but I was only 15 when she was born.
Check out that clean fence row. Prince and I are about half way through.

These are a few of the fruit trees I cut limbs out of yesterday. The apple limbs were touching the ground.

This is at the end of the porch and you can see the pear and apple at the end of the orchard. Well, I called Prince and gave him the bad news. I had trimmed limbs and left them for him to dispose . He made several trips with the four wheeler and yard cart. Don't look at my little garden as it has not been cleared yet.

The Lillie's of the valley are blooming so I brought a few in for Mimi to enjoy. We have also had hummer for weeks. I always marvel at these tiny birds. A few days ago, we had a couple of stylish birds all deck out in their finer, two red breasted grosbeaks. I was hoping they would stay around awhile, but alas they just had a snack and moved on.
Yesterday, I worked from 8-3 outside fighting honeysuckle bushes and tree limbs. Of course, I took a couple of hours out to rest between different jobs. I also planted 8 tomatoes, 2 Better Boy, 2 Early Girl, 2 German Queen and 2 Celebrities. I had already put a patio tomato on the porch for Mimi to enjoy. I still have a few potted plants to put outside , I can move all but two which are too heavy for this kitty.
The snow ball bush is in full bloom, the pink dianthius is blooming and the purple heart is up about an inch. There are blooms on the iris and peonies and of course the Lillie's of the valley are in full bloom.
The kitty justice is I have a VERY, VERY HARD TIME staying inside when Spring has sprung upon us.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mimi reading one of her birthday cards.
Two of the cards were the singing ones. One had cute little voices and the other dogs barking "Happy Birthday."

Puppy and his Cousin Mary Kim. Ah those are Uncle Edwards hands making photos of his Mom.

Puppy and Mary Kim with their Mimi.

Cousin Bill (Mimi's oldest nephew) striking a pose in the living room.

Kitty, Mimi and Debbie after the picnic.

Uncle Edward, Cousin Bill and Prince before Bill left the building.

Mimi as a young woman. I sent a copy of this photo to Fox 17 program , Tennessee Mornings, for them to display on their birthday board today. We taped it and Edward will convert it to DVD for each sibling.
How old is Mimi? She turned 90 today and she is still sharp as tack which is an old saying.
Sunday as per her wishes we had just a little picnic to honor her milestone. Publix was our chef. We got the fried chicken, the rolls, potato salad, slaw and cake, ice cream from them. I fixed some tiny green beans and stuffed eggs to go with the meal. Everyone had a grand time and then left early so Mimi could take her afternoon nap. She learned that trick from Uncle Owen as he aways took an afternoon nap.
The Kitty Justice will be if we can make the 90Th milestone and be as well thought of as Mimi.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A year ago we were celebrating Gil's 45 birthday and here we
are giving him a going away party.
Gil was given some "Alabama scrubs" since he was heading back to his home state. Here he is clowning about operating with a steak knife.

The Art Venture group went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch this month. Do you have one of these in your town?

When I got there, I walked around and took some inside photos.

A different view of the lighting.

The lady beside me is Mz PB&J. She and Sister were the hostess for April.
I worn one of my fun hats I decorated.
First the going away party had over twenty folks to celebrate Gil's going home to Alabama. We had a wonderful time and my new found Cousin twice removed was the life of the party. Her stories about nursing are just hysterical or at least the way she tells them.
Next the Cheesecake Factory was a delight. I had never eaten there and I order one of the small shrimp snack plates and a cup of clam chowder. The shrimp had too much garlic for my taste but the clam chowder was delicious. Peaches and Cat ordered Cuban sandwiches because Peaches remember the wonderful ones she had when she grew up in Florida. Knoxie's daughter lives in Miami and she brings her folks Cuban pastries when she visits. Not all 24 ladies were there but I think we all had a great lunch and visit. Mz PB & J advised she had sold three paintings. Eddy could not come as she was hanging a show. Go Girl.
Saturday, Prince and I got the yard work done for Mimi's 90Th B'day picnic on Sunday. I had not used a weed eater for twenty years and now I know why. I need a strap or just break down and invest in one of those push weeder so you do not have to try to hold it up, give it gas and balance it so you will not whack down what should remain standing.
Gil and his friend Scott headed to Alabama and now the cabin is empty again. Maggie does not know what has happen to her buddy, Waldo. Gil brought Scott back home late Saturday evening and he watched the end of the nascar race with us and Maggie would not leave him alone. He got up real early Sunday as he wanted to go to his Mom's and pick up Waldo. She had kept him last week so it would be easier for Gil to get everything ready for the move. We wish Gil and Waldo music "Sweet Home Alabama."
Saturday evening Prince and I just relaxed and drank wine on the porch surveying our yard work. The funnies thing happen and it is on me. I put the lasagna in the oven and set the timer for when I would need to remove the top(one hour) and we just sat and sipped until the timer went off.
Imagine my surprise to look in the oven and see a frozen entree.
The Kitty Justice is I forgot to turn on the oven.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The neighbors home and dogwood trees. The pink one was an anniversary gift of our cousins when they own the house. The white one has lights on it and at night it looks like a shimmering lace curtain. It is a source of happiness provided by our wonderful neighbors.
Easter morning sunrise.

Another view of Easter sunrise.
Our Church's first service was at 7AM and the sun was high in the sky by that time.
The kitty justice is to enjoy all the sunrises and the gift of good neighbors and friends.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just like the hole in the evening sky, thoughts are falling through the gray matter like zip pa de doo.

My BIL sent this photo of one of the family plots. I thought it appropriate for the the assurance of "Death and Taxes."
Have you mailed your taxes yet?
Heard the news guy state yesterday that assessment on houses here in this area have doubled which will make taxes go up.
Read that Mr. Knox a gay right activist is a member of the White House faith-based committee.
The ones who are out to destroy the Second Amendment are trying to sneak HR45 through Congress.
Read that President Obama is a "CLOSET SOCIALIST."
Wonder how much more taxes the average American can take?
How do they expect American to buy items when jobs have been sent overseas?
Why are those who do not pay taxes get our funds?
How can a Mother kill someone Else's child?
Hear that only 5 percent of tornado are classified as an F4 and one in Murfreessboro was an F4.
Why is something bad NEWS and something good NOT?
I have 4 pots of basil and two squash plants in view from seeds.
Today it is cloudy and twenty degrees cooler than yesterday. Must be dogwood winter. Mimi always said it is cool when the snowball bushes bloom and guess what? Mine is blooming.
Don't y'all just love Spring. To me I look around at all the pretty blooms and think TA DA!!!!!!!!!
I moved lots of plants outside yesterday and will NOT bring them back in.
They best be ready to survive.
Getting prepared for Mimi's 90Th lunch with family. She did not want a party ( she made me promise NO PARTY)but we are gonna have an inside picnic for immediate family. Gotta do something when you make that milestone.
The Kitty Justice is me thoughts are like ping pong balls being hit in all different directions.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Prince brought this beautiful lily in last week. What a wonderful surprise. It has made the house smell heavenly.

The Kitty Justice is I have just over and hour to finish lunch. Better
get my paws to moving.
Peace to Y'all.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Before the storm yesterday, I went out and picked these for Mimi. She just loves the smell. The bush need some pruning but it has given us flowers since 1964.
As promised, here are the hats that Kitty will wear. This photo and the next were taken during the storm so the quality is not as clear.

Another view.
I was Thankful yesterday, that Prince no longer works in Murfreesboro. That area was the one that was hit by the tornado. It killed one young mother and her 9 weeks old baby girl. Around forty two others were hurt but with so much devastation, to have only two fatalities is a miracle. I thought it was fitting that one lady who stood before the rubble that was once her home said "It's only stuff."
With tears in her eyes, she turned from the camera and like so many others, she was thankful her loved ones survived.
The kitty justice is Life is wonderful and not the Stuff. Peace

Friday, April 10, 2009

This is last year tulips. This year they were massacred by the 15 minute hail storm we had a couple of weekends ago.
The yellow arch angel is blooming and does not seem to be as hurt as my other flowers were by the hail storm.

This is a sign that Puppy has in his room and I think every business should post it in their windows.

These are the colorful hats I found at Fred's a couple of weekend ago. I have added flowers and scarfs to them and will post the result in another post. I have worn the red one with red and black flowers with a big ladybug pin on it to Tommy's funeral. Would you have expected anything different from Kitty.
Are y'all planning to cook Easter dinner or lunch? Here is the menu I plan to prepare: Honey glazed ham, sweet potato casserole, green beans, apricot salad, rolls and fudge brownies. I will prepare two items today, one tomorrow and then cook the other three on Sunday.
The Kitty Justice is every Friday is a GOOD Friday . I shall leave you with a quote from Hans Christian Andersen, "Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale."

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Mother. Her name Vinia (pronounced VI-NA) was forever being mispronounced and misspelled. My big sis was named after Mother and has the very same problems.
Dad and lots of folks called her Vi-nee.
Mother was the first born to Pa and Grandma Christian. She was a tom boy growing up in Smith County just like I was. If asked about religion, she would say she believed in God but never would you hear her say she was a christian. She lived and acted as one and people knew that she was a really good person. The first thing she would ask anyone when they arrived at her home was "Have you eaten?" or could she get you something to drink. By her actions and faith, I learned a lot and try to incorporate them into my life.
Thank you, Mother.
The kitty justice if your Mother is still alive, please call or visit her and if not, stop and have one good memory of her before you head along your way.
Peace to Y'all.