Saturday, April 11, 2009

Before the storm yesterday, I went out and picked these for Mimi. She just loves the smell. The bush need some pruning but it has given us flowers since 1964.
As promised, here are the hats that Kitty will wear. This photo and the next were taken during the storm so the quality is not as clear.

Another view.
I was Thankful yesterday, that Prince no longer works in Murfreesboro. That area was the one that was hit by the tornado. It killed one young mother and her 9 weeks old baby girl. Around forty two others were hurt but with so much devastation, to have only two fatalities is a miracle. I thought it was fitting that one lady who stood before the rubble that was once her home said "It's only stuff."
With tears in her eyes, she turned from the camera and like so many others, she was thankful her loved ones survived.
The kitty justice is Life is wonderful and not the Stuff. Peace


Mary said...

Lady Di,

I absolutely LOVE the hats. It's sad that not many women wear them today. They give a touch of sophistication and class.

I remember when I was young, wearing a hat and gloves to church on Easter morning. Mom always made sure we had new straw hats decorated with flowers ready to wear. We always wore white knee stockings and white gloves. Patten leather shoes were most often worn.

Thanks for the memories, my friend. Your Easter dinner sounds delicious.

Happy Easter,

Small City Scenes said...

"He is Risen" We are thankful God gave us his only son.

The hats are beautiful. My Mother always wears her pink straw.


Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. I am reviving the hat wearing and try to wear them to all events. I wore the red one this morning with my red blazer because it was Sunny but very cool. I went to the 7 am sunrise service. All the "HOLIDAY CHRISTIAN" were coming in before we could exit. Too bad they do not show up at other times. I noticed several sleeveless dresses, low cut and bare feet with dressy flip flops. Poetic justice, they will be frozen before the service is over. Not too many hats and no gloves. We dressed the same as little girls on Easter. Peace

I was happy to hear your Mom wears her pink hat. Now where is yours? Peace