Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just like the hole in the evening sky, thoughts are falling through the gray matter like zip pa de doo.

My BIL sent this photo of one of the family plots. I thought it appropriate for the the assurance of "Death and Taxes."
Have you mailed your taxes yet?
Heard the news guy state yesterday that assessment on houses here in this area have doubled which will make taxes go up.
Read that Mr. Knox a gay right activist is a member of the White House faith-based committee.
The ones who are out to destroy the Second Amendment are trying to sneak HR45 through Congress.
Read that President Obama is a "CLOSET SOCIALIST."
Wonder how much more taxes the average American can take?
How do they expect American to buy items when jobs have been sent overseas?
Why are those who do not pay taxes get our funds?
How can a Mother kill someone Else's child?
Hear that only 5 percent of tornado are classified as an F4 and one in Murfreessboro was an F4.
Why is something bad NEWS and something good NOT?
I have 4 pots of basil and two squash plants in view from seeds.
Today it is cloudy and twenty degrees cooler than yesterday. Must be dogwood winter. Mimi always said it is cool when the snowball bushes bloom and guess what? Mine is blooming.
Don't y'all just love Spring. To me I look around at all the pretty blooms and think TA DA!!!!!!!!!
I moved lots of plants outside yesterday and will NOT bring them back in.
They best be ready to survive.
Getting prepared for Mimi's 90Th lunch with family. She did not want a party ( she made me promise NO PARTY)but we are gonna have an inside picnic for immediate family. Gotta do something when you make that milestone.
The Kitty Justice is me thoughts are like ping pong balls being hit in all different directions.


Mary said...

Lady Di,

How nice to catch up on all your news about your plants and the Hill.

Wish Mimi a Happy Birthday for me and give her a big hug. When you reach the milestone of 90 years, you definitely deserve a picnic.

Enjoy your week, my friend.

Lady Di Tn said...

Glad you got to stop by and enjoy the plants.
I know I will not make 90, so I am celebrating with her.