Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Red Breasted Grosbeak and Red Bellied Woodpecker.OOPS, the red on the pecker wood is not on his belly. Sometimes, I wonder about the names.
Another view.

He was none to happy to get his picture taken.

I capture three at one time. Good job. Pat meself on the back.

Downy woodpecker. I had to save one the other day from the garage. I sat him by the bird bath and it took a few seconds for him to recover after trying to fly through the garage window.

Hi, am I not one of the prettiest birds you have ever seen.

Check out the photos of my new point and shoot. I am still trying to master it but I have lots of time to do so. I had told Prince I would like a new camera but did not expect to get it so soon. We went to look and then we bought.
The kitty justice is that is Happy Mother's Day, and the rest of the years occasions wrapped up in a fine new toy.


Small City Scenes said...

New toys are the best and this one seems to do just fine.

Love the bird pics---isn't it fun watching the birds! MB

Lady Di Tn said...

I hope you clicked to enlarge the photos as I was amazed at the details.
Our feathered friends are always a pleasure to exist with.

Anonymous said...

Golly gee whiz! You got Rose-breasted Grosbeaks all over the place. And I see what is attracting them. That sunflower infested seed block. I used them last year and also had great results but Walmart has not got them in this year, yet.

I am green with envy at the shots you took. I saw one, which was the first or top one, a tiny bit out of focus but the others were spot on. And the next to last one is just super good. The one with the bird in the tree with the leaves behind it. That is perfect and I don't know which camera you bought but it will turn into a blessing for you. The improvements in what you do are just stunning. I would say better but I think, especially that next to last one is really a fabulous photograph for any point and shoot camera I have ever seen.

I know they are making them better all the time. My first one was a 1mg Canon the size of a cigarette package and I thought the sun rose and set on it but then, within a year or two it was totally obsolete.


Lady Di Tn said...

Yes we do have lots of those beautiful birds, at least until it gets too warm and then they will move on..I get the best deal on seeds and blocks at our local TSC. Do you have one of those?
I am over come with the praise you have heaped upon my meger shots. The first one was about the 3rd photo I had taken with the camera. The more I use it the more acquainted and natural it feels. Thanks again, I am honored that the master of the lens has made such comments. Peace