Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sunday started out as a beautiful sunny day and Mr. Turkey was behind the log cabin.
This photo along with the next show how Mr. T is trying to impress the hens.

Prince and I were busy trying to clear a fence row and after I came inside, Prince spent several resting minutes just watching a show of feathers.

Then around 5:30 the winds of change came along and the temp dropped about 40 degrees.

Prince loves to watch storms so he was outside on the top porch taking pictures of the event.

This looks like an angry pink head with a large hat.

A closer look.

As the sun was setting, the clouds were still very angry looking.

Now the sky is just all out mad.
It was strange for the day to be so beautiful to end in a cold angry tone. It rained and the wind blew all day Monday and this morning it was 31 degrees. We usually have cold snaps during the Spring but this is a full taste of winter. The dogwoods are starting to bloom so I would suppose that this is Dogwood Winter. Emphasis on Winter.
I cannot put away my winter duds because I have to keep pulling them out to wear during these cold snaps. Burr and Double Burr. It is harder on a body because I cannot acclimate back and forth so quickly. At the breakfast table I noted the bird bath was frozen and the porch has a slick glaze upon it, so I dare not venture out onto the slick surface. Also, as I ate my oatmeal, I was entertained by snow flakes falling onto our green, green world.
Prince has cut the grass out front twice and it looks like a green carpet. All my hosta are up and frazzled from the sleet storm and the cherry trees (fruit) are all in bloom. I sure hope the cold does not hurt the cherry crop. I only have one bloom on my lilac as the sleet knocked all of them off except one strong bloom or rather a protected one
The kitty justice is how quick the weather can change in the Spring . Also, the kitty justice is that fence row clearing should be left to the young cats as my fur hurts all over.


Small City Scenes said...

It is strange how days turn out----you started with courting turkeys and ended with a very angry and 'mad as a wet hen' sky.

I too love your grandmother's what-not-shelf. And it should have pictures and mementos on it.
Marry and move stuff--too funny. MB

Lilli & Nevada said...

Wow i love the change of clouds did you have rain after all that madness in the sky?

Mary said...

Lady Di,

The photos are beautiful, even though a storm was moving in. I especially like the one with the pink cloud.

Sunday was beautiful here as well, but overnight, it rained barrels and all day Monday. In late afternoon, it turned to snow and that continued until mid afternoon on Tuesday. Today the sun shone and the snow melted, but it was windy and cold. I'm hoping for better tomorrow.

Love the turkeys.