Saturday, May 23, 2009

Forgot to put the sign about the dam before those photos. My kitty paw must have slipped. LOL
Nuthatch and Black Cap Chickadee.

I guess I should have waited until he was still.

Kitty and Prince at Nero 's after we had dined.

Mz Bubbles and Mr. David who were celebrating their 35Th Anniversary.

A surprise from Prince. He is so thoughtful.

Close up of Mrs. Pope's rose. It is the only flower in her yard.

My oldest and dearest friend, Linda and her Mother, Mrs. Pope.

Aftermath of the Steeplechase. Park will need some grass seeds.

My niece, Mary Kim, 3rd from the right and her friends on prom night.

Mary Kim will be 17Th this weekend.

Edward and son, Albert on the day of crossover. A ritual at Albert's school when you go from grade school to high school.

Center Hill dam built in 1949 and they are repairing a leak which will be a 10 year or more deal.

I took these photos going left to right.

The last one of the lake series and now the dam.

From the parking area looking back at the dam.

Looking down at the water, be sure to click to enlarge to check out the cars on the road so you can get a perspective.

Zoomed in on the water. Just a few of the photos taken because I do not have time to put them all here. heehee
Had a wonderful Mothers Day except when the dishwasher burned up. Lucky, it tripped the breaker so no fire broke out. I called Maytag and it was covered under the 10 year recall. NOT!!!!! I got the wiring harness then set up a date for the repairman to come and then was informed it was the circuit board and not the recall part and if I wanted him to fix it , it would cost over two hundred and he could not guarantee it would work one day. WHAT?????? So after waiting to get my dishwasher fixed for free on the recall, I had to go out and find a new one. It will match the new frig and stove top we put so the only old appliance we will have now is the stove. Maybe I should not have mentioned that. We have had doctor appointments and dentist appointments while trying to get Puppy some furniture moved in as his room mate is moving out and a new one is moving in the house near campus. All the visits to the doctors came out great so now we can move on to other things. With all the rain we have had it has been a constant challenge to find a window of opportunity to mow the week of the eleventh and then the sun came out this week. I have planted and weeded and weeded and planted and weeded again. Still the fence row beckons us to finish it. We have not just worked but had fun with friends and family, plus a quick trip to the lake for racking leaves and planting a few things there. Also, we picked up a coffee table which was Dad's and carried it to Puppies for his living room. Our friend Gil was the biggest help as he left a couch and dining room suit and a folding table that Puppy could use for the little house. Prince called him and thanked him for making Puppy's house comfortable with furniture. Gil seems very happy being back in his home state of Alabama.
Well just wanted y'all to know that kitty is well and still kicking. That is real Kitty Justice.


Small City Scenes said...

Glad to hear you're alive and well and still kicking. A wonderful bunch of pictures. I did like the pics and info on the dam.
You neice is very pretty as are the other girls. I bet they had a fun prom night.
the weeding seems to never get done. If you have some rain and warm weather--well--there are the weeds again. MB

Abe Lincoln said...

Wow. A large number of photos. And text to read. I really enjoyed this look at your life. Nice post.

My look back to the good old days on Decoration Day

Mary said...

Lady Di,

I enjoyed your post. The photos are beautiful. The girls look lovely.

Brandon will have his graduation (what we call it) from grade 8 sometime in June. I will be there taking photos. He told me that grandparents are invited and ask if I would come. lol I told him "with bells on," and he couldn't quite figure that out.

Love the photos of the water. What a picturesque area.

Like you, I've been working in the yard, but had to take the weekend off because of swollen ankles. One thing after another.

Enjoy the holiday and the week.

Mary said...

PS. Just letting you know, you've been tagged. It will be fun.

Jeanette said...

Gday Lady Di, Nice assortment of photo's The cars at the dam look like ants compared to the size of it.. Now thats a beautiful rose in your friends garden...enjoyed all your photo's

Stacey Huston said...

Well, I enjoyed all your pics, family, birds, and scenery, but I have to say.. that little red car looks like it could have spun some very fun cookies in that wet grass..I'm just saying..;-)

Small City Scenes said...

Miss you! MB

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Great photos and interesting post about the dams etc.
Would you please wish Price a Happy Birthday for the 1st June ? I hope
he had a happy day and maybe you dined out for a celebration.

Thank you so much for the lovely e card you sent me for my B'day.
Take care, don't work too hard.
Love, Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...