Monday, October 12, 2009

Mary at Marys Writing Nook gave me five words to post about and the last word was Hobby. According to Mr. Webster, a hobby is something that a person likes to do or study in his spare time; favorite pastime or avocation. The above and below photos are of pillow cases that my Mother gave me to draw a pattern upon and then embroider the pattern. Now this was a useful hobby as I not only got to learn how to embroider but then had a useful item for the home.

I did not free hand these patterns as she had them for me to copy. Look at all those strawberries and they are french knots.
The next hobby Mother taught me how to do was sewing. I made lots of items but this is the only photo I have of any of the things I made. It is Puppy's outfit. Note the blue piping I made for his shirt to match his outfit. This was an Easter outfit and he also wore it in a fashion show of children's Easter clothes at the Old Ladies Home on West End. Mimi was an active member at the time and most members were assigned one or two ladies who resided at the home.

This is Holly( little brothers daughter) in Mother's home and she is sitting in front of one of the many afghans I made and gave away. A nice item to keep you warm.

This is Ming who is laying on my queen bed that I made a granny square bedspread to cover. That took about a year to complete.

In 1973 for Christmas, I made a cape and cap for my niece, Juanita. She is my oldest niece. She always referred to me as Her Aunt Dianne.

I started making ceramics as fun and then it got to be a job as so many of my co workers and friends wanted me to make them for sale. I cannot complain as it supplemented my income. I made countless numbers of items but alas I only have three photos I could locate. This was made for my best friends in laws who lived in Chicago.

My Sis has a whole basket full of these red apples on her kitchen table. And I do not recall where the jar I hand drew and painted now resides.

This is a three piece set that I made numerous ones to sell. I would use red or blue decals on the set. I gave my brother one set and his x wife took it with her. I also made my two oldest nieces dolls and little figurines which I know Juanita still has on display in her bedroom at her Moms but alas the smurfs that I made Holly, she probably does not have. Lots of my items reside in others homes and are used at holidays to add to their display and that makes me happy to know my work is being used somewhere.

I also like to cross stitch designs on towels to display . I have done bread warmer and several towels over the years. I have several hand towels of different color for my bath and the hand towels below, Mimi uses in her bath for guest to dry their hands.

I made the above for Mimi as she is a wonderful lady and all her little sewing club buddies would comment on it each time they met here. It hangs in her bath.

This is an old John Deere tractor that I cross stitched for Puppy and it hangs in his room. I also did him some antique cars that I never got framed and his car loving cousin, a BMW and his music loving cousin who was into military things at the time, a Blue Angel Airplane.

I have tried my hand at fabric and glass painting and these are napkins which are well used at our dining table. The glasses are beer and wine and when we pop open a bottle we usually drink from them. Sorry no photos of the glass ware as I figured you are beginning to tire of my hobbies.

When Dad was so sick and I was taking care of him, I got into making bracelets. These are only three that remain with me. I gave most of them away. Once at Art Venture Cat admired one of the bracelets and I gave it to her and she later said that was the only bracelet she took to Europe as it matched all her outfits. I give them to folks just to make them feel good. No reason necessary but sometimes I give them as burpday gifts.
I do not have lots of items or photos of the things I have made in my many hobbies because my work is making someone else happy.
So the Kitty Justice is a hobby to me is something fun to do and that turns into an item I can share with someone else.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

DElightful! Thanks.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Nick Peace be with you.

Small City Scenes said...

Wow!! That is about all I can say is Wow and double WOW!!! You have been one BUSY girl, girl. I like to make French Knots so I do appreciate your Strawberries. the beautiful ceramics--OMG!!!
And Missy, what about your beautiful paintings? You are TOO talented. Thanks for sharing your pics as you did share your makins' with others. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and I am glad you like my humble efforts. Peace

Merle said...

Dear Dianne ~~ Lovely to see so much of your work - all very nice. I liked
the purple afghan (sp?) It is lovely.
You have a very busy life with all your many talents.

I went to see my doctor yesterday and all the blood tests were good.
So that was good news.
Take great care, my friend,
Love Merle.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and I am glad to hear the news about the doctor. Peace