Thursday, October 08, 2009

The purple jew is back in the hall to capture the sunlight on its leaves.
The chocolate solider is standing guard in the dining room window again this year.

These pots were broken in a rain storm so I found bigger and plastic pots for my lemon and orange trees. They are back in the library minus the squirrel.

The porch looks almost naked as only the geraniums and Gerber daisy with the large pot of impatiens remain. The little zinnias have been torn from their pots and the pots cleaned sitting awaiting new plants next year.

I had made a collage of different plants and sat them under the three big box woods out front and they had the nerve to try and attach themselves to the ground. I sat one pot in the window in the family room downstairs.

The zebra and begonia have taken up residents in the basement under the grow light for another winter.

OOPs I forgot this big guy is still on the back porch awaiting Prince's strong arms to take it to the basement. Too heavy for kitty.

I have four pots of these shamrocks to keep each other company in the basement.

In the corner under the eves, are five plants awaiting kitty to clean them off before they can come into the house.
BANG, BANG, THUD, THUD, go the shingles on the roof. Yep, the old house is getting a new top. The shingles were delivered last week and sat on the basketball court until it stopped raining. They worked all day today and yesterday and still need more time to finish. While they were rushing to put on the roof, I rushed to move and clean the pots and plants to come inside for the winter. We were all working to try and beat the next round of rain. Looks like it will be Monday before we can finish. There are tornado watches out for west and northern Tennessee tonight. As of now we are not suppose to get rain until tomorrow afternoon. But I think it is a wait and see. Even if it does not rain this old kat will have to let her fur settle down from all that work on plants. Each year I have less and less to fool with and I wonder when the year will come that I no longer have an interest in moving plants out in the spring and inside in the winter.
The kitty justice is this kitty kat needs a long nap.


Small City Scenes said...

Wow not only do you have a ton of outdoor plants your house is a forest or jungle will all the indoor stuff. I don't have too many indoor plants anymore. I think they just get forgotten. You have a lovely house and it looks loved.


Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful plants you have !! Great shots and nice picture !! Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

Anonymous said...

I like the flower photos you have posted today.

Lady Di Tn said...

So far I have counted 41 plants inside and about ten more to make it in for the winter. Those ten will be yanked in at the last moment before a frost. LOL This is only a 3rd of what I use to haul in and out. Most reside in the basement under a grow light. Thanks for your comment on our home. Peace

Thanks I do enjoy plants and that love of growing items comes from my Mother and Pa(her father) Peace

Glad you enjoyed my plants. Thanks and Peace