Friday, October 02, 2009

These photos are of the sun rise last week after MANY days of rain. It was a glorious sight. The sun rises this week have been nice but not as colorful as the one after all those days of rain. The temp for the last four mornings were 48 for two days, 50 for the next day and 60 today. And today it is raining again but there will be clear skies this afternoon which will make it a good night for football.
Over five weeks ago, Mimi had her left hip replaced and we have been busy with OT and PT and doctor visits. The great news is that yesterday, she graduated from OT shower school and she can now take her shower by herself. Mimi attitude has helped make her recovery quicker than most folks. Number one, she is "SELF MOTIVATED".Three cheers for Mimi.
Our modem went to the land of not working so I have gotten behind on reading blogs. Prince went to our local cable store for a new modem and had to wait in line for over twenty minutes. After he hooked the new modem up, he found out our wireless connection router had also gone to the land of not working. Yikes.
I will pop over soon and harass you with my off beat humor .
The kitty justice is the more I do the less I get done.
Today will be one of those 'KATZ FUZZ DAYS"


Anonymous said...

The 8 cent loaf of bread was baked in a twin baking pan by the Greenville Baking Company, which is still in business. The twin loaf meant you pulled off a slice of break and spread something on one slide and folded it over and you had an automatic sandwich. All the other bread was 10 cents a loaf for loaves cut so you got one slice each time.

Small City Scenes said...

Remember that old saying. "The faster I go, the behinder I get"? ain't it the truth.

Gorgeous sunrise. I want one too.

I am glad everything seems to be working now. Whew!!

Mimi sounds like she is doing fine. Good for her. Attitude counts for so much. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Still in business. Wow. You need to post photos of the Company, a kind of then and now. If you have already done so, please send me the date so I can read about it. Peace

Thanks. It was so nice to see after all that rain. Prince fixed the wireless last night so maybe I can now get my daily computer fix. It is very habit forming and I miss my friends in the box when it is down. Mimi is a trooper.